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May 13th, 2013
TRANSDUCERS 2013 – Yole will be there. What about you?
Yole Développement and TRANSDUCERS 2013 Organizing Committee have joined forces to develop the most powerful program. This event takes place in Barcelona, Spain from June 16 - 18. Make sure you will attend and be part of the discussions at TRANSDUCERS 2013!
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According to Yole Développement, TRANSDUCERS 2013  is one of the most famous event dedicated to the MEMS & Sensors world. Indeed, over three days, MEMS & Sensors industry leaders … present the latest innovative manufacturing technologies, swap their visions of the industry and exchange insights on market developments …

The fast growing market for sensors for smart phones is re-shuffling the ranks of MEMS suppliers.  For the first time, suppliers of inertial sensors have surpassed the major makers of micro mirrors and inkjet heads that have long dominated the industry on annual ranking of the Top 30 MEMS companies”, announced Yole Développement’s analysts few days ago. The MEMS & Sensors industry is moving fast. Be sure you will be at the right place, at the right time.

Does your company plan to attend TRANSDUCERS 2013 ? Mark your agenda and contact us right now to organize your participation:

•    Exhibition area: ensure your visibility towards the MEMS & Sensors community. Number of booths is limited. Book it right now!
TRANSDUCERS 2013  takes place in Europe this year. With the exhibition area, we ensure you the best visibility toward the MEMS & Sensors community! At TRANSDUCERS 2013 , you meet MEMS & Sensors industry leaders and its Executives.

•    MEMS Market Briefing, powered by Yole Développement:
This briefing includes two sessions, MEMS manufacturing technologies and emerging MEMS devices  - Program will be available soon … Come and learn more about the MEMS market trends on July 17 & 18, during the networking cocktail! Free registration .
For more information, contact Sandrine Leroy, Media & Communication Manager, Yole Développement

Feel free to ask any details about TRANSDUCERS 2013 . Yole Développement will be there. Why not you?


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