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Sep 6th, 2011
Texas Instruments unveils laser-based pico projection system
It was announced that Texas Instruments has published a new patent application called “System and Method for Utilizing a Scanning Beam to Display an Image”.
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In the patent, the company details the design for a laser-based pico projection system. The system would still use TI’s DLP chipsets, but instead of LED lamps, would use lasers to create the device’s brightness instead. The inventor of the patent says, “A technical advantage of some embodiments of the present disclosure includes the ability to continuously illuminate a spatial light modulator. Accordingly, a brighter image may be displayed. Another technical advantage of particular embodiments is the ability to modulate the brightness of the scanning beam. Accordingly, there may be an increase in the bit depth of the display.” Unfortunately there is no word on if or when this design will be used in pico projectors.

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