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May 16th, 2013
A Top 5 worldwide semiconductor vendor has qualified ALSI’s multi-beam laser dicing system
One of the largest IC and discrete device manufacturers (ranked by total revenue) and technology leaders, has qualified and purchased ALSI’s multi-beam laser dicing system for their main stream thin and ultra-thin discrete devices and is now ready for mass production.
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During an extensive test and qualification period at the customer site, the customer and ALSI teams worked very closely together to understand the specific challenges of the application and developed an optimized process, with special attention to fast dicing speed, with narrow dicing width, on low cost and standard dicing tape. This application has a small die size (<200μm), no repetitive patterns on the wafers and relatively complex thick wafer bottom side metallurgies with low melting points. Process recipes were developed with dicing speeds multiple times faster than traditional blade dicing recipes, producing dicing streets down to 40 μm while achieving very high yield (max 100 PPM yield loss).

Jeroen van Borkulo, application manager at ALSI and project leader of this customer’s project, commented; “The development and close cooperation with the customer for this application to meet such high expectations with tight specifications and high productivity targets for low cost of ownership, was a great experience and set new standards for this entire Market Segment. Our ICA 1204 is equipped with unique multi-beam (beam splitting) technology and a customized high power IR-laser which allowed us to achieve the goals”. The system will be used for several product types and with different wafer bottom surface metallurgies.

Rene Hendriks, director of commerce, mentioned that the tests on this same system for their new ultra-thin wafers with relatively thick wafer backside metal also showed good results. This technology will not only be an enabler for cost reductions on existing applications but also an enabler for new wafer or die technologies. As an early adaptor in this segment, our multi-beam laser dicing technology will place the customer in a very strong cost competitive position and prepare them to introduce new technologies with more advanced product specifications, while allowing a quicker time to market.

ALSI is a Dutch based leading supplier of laser dicing equipment and has unique system platform technologies and owns the patents for multi-beam laser dicing technologies. For any question or a copy of the white paper for multi-beam dicing of discrete applications please contact sales@alsi-international.com or visit www.laserdicing.com.


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