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Aug 19th, 2013
New Triaxial DC accelerometer from measurement specialties withstands high shock to more than 5,000 g
IP65-rated Model 3803A provides exceptional performance in harsh conditions.
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Measurement Specialties (NASDAQ: MEAS), an expert in sensor design and manufacturing, has introduced a rugged, triaxial DC accelerometer for steady state, low-g vibration measurements and high-g transient shock measurements. The new piezo-resistive, MEMS-based Model 3803A provides accurate triaxial measurement under harsh operating conditions.

Hermetically-sealed in a welded, stainless steel housing, the IP65-rated sensor is ideal for testing applications in harsh, high performance installations. This includes impact, structural, environmental and vehicle testing as well as measurement in a number of test and instrumentation applications.

The Model 3803A is offered in dynamic ranges from +2 g's to +2,000 g's and is gas-damped to provide a wide frequency response across all three axes. The unit's MEMS sensing elements include over-range stops for protection to shock levels greater than 5,000 g.

The sensor includes integral temperature compensation to provide a stable output over the operating temperature range of -40 degrees C to +105 degrees C. The Model 3803A is designed to be stud or screw mounted for easy installation in virtually any testing environment.

A variety of optional accessories that extend the 3803A's functionality are also available. These include a 3-channel, precision DC amplifier with an exceptionally low input noise floor of less than 20 microvolts rms and an auto-zero inline amplifier that features five user selectable gain settings with a gain accuracy of +0.5%.

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