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Dec 4th, 2012
USHIO announces at Semicon Japan 2012 that it will start shipping new large-field interposer stepper model UX7-3Di LIS 350 in March 2013
Achieving significant reduction of interposer manufacturing cost with large substrate and high throughput.
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USHIO INC., (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and Chief Executive Officer: Shiro Sugata, http://www.ushio.co.jp), today announced that the company will start shipping the large interposer stepper “UX7-3Di LIS 350” dedicated to the manufacturing of large-field interposers for 2.5D advanced packaging applications in March 2013.

Based on the large-field stepper system “UX7-3Di LFS 300” for 2.5D/3D packaging released this fall, the UX7-3Di LIS 350 is able to process 405 mm x 350 mm interposer substrates as well as 300-mm silicon wafers. Also, it allows processing of interposers made of materials other than silicon, including glass, which has currently become popular, and organic materials. Furthermore, by mounting a large-diameter projection lens that allows projection of a large field of 78 mm x 66 mm, the UX-3Di LIS 350 can achieve incomparable throughput of 120 wafers per hour (for 300-mm wafers at 100 mJ/cm2).

As the result, the UX-3Di LIS 350 offers significant flexibility in designing interposers for 2.5D packaging applications, while allowing the manufacturing of large interposers as well as a significant reduction of manufacturing cost.

This product will be exhibited through a panel display and introduced by stage presentation at USHIO booth No. 4C-704 (Hall 4) of SEMICON Japan 2012, to be held on December 5 through 7 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.  Also, during SEMICON Japan 2012 USHIO plans to hold a release presentation and an exhibitor seminar at 11:00–11:20 on December 6 and at 12:30–13:20 on December 6 and 13:30–14:20 on December 7.

Product Features
• Mounting of large-diameter projection lens to achieve a large-field interposer of up to 78 mm x 66 mm
• Can process interposer substrates made of a variety of materials other than Si, including glass and Organic.
• Substrate size is adjustable to meet required interposer size and production plans
• Can process large substrates of up to 300-mm wafers or 405 x 350 mm substrates
• High overlay accuracy of < 500 nm
• Innovative alignment with IR that transmits Si to allow the bottom alignment required for TSV (Through-Silicon-Via) applications indispensable to 2.5D interposers
• High throughput of 120 wafers per hour for 300-mm wafers or 90 substrates per hour for 405 x 350 mm substrates, approx. 2 times higher than the throughput of conventional stepper systems

USHIO INC. (President and CEO: Shiro Sugata, TSE: 6925) was established in 1964. The company handles a variety of light sources for a broad range of industrial applications, including high-brightness discharge lamps for cinema projectors and data projectors as well as halogen lamps for general lighting and OA equipment. It also manufactures and markets products incorporating its own light sources, such as optical systems for manufacturing FPDs and other electronics components and devices as well as imaging equipment led by digital cinema projectors; USHIO enjoys a strong market share with many of these products. Visit www.ushio.co.jp/en.


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