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Jul 10th, 2012
Ushio debuts new large-field stepper UX7-3Di series for 2.5D/3D packaging at SEMICON West 2012
Allows increased field size to offer greater flexibility for designing interposers.
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USHIO INC. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and Chief Executive Officer: Shiro Sugata) (TOKYO: 6925), today announced that the company has completed development of the large-field stepper lithography tool “UX7-3Di LFS 200” for manufacturing interposers used for 2.5D/3D packaging applications. This new product will be exhibited through a panel display at SEMICON West 2012, to be held on July 10–12 at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California (Booth # 2544).

UX7-3Di Series: A Large-field Stepper Lithography Tool for 2.5D/3D Packaging Applications
The UX7-3Di large-field stepper lithography tool is mounted with a large-diameter projection lens to allow a significant increase in the stepper field size, which has limited the flexibility for designing interposers used for 2.5D/3D packaging solutions. The UX7-3Di LFS 200 stepper lithography system announced today has achieved a 50 x 50 mm field size with a high-precision projection lens of 70 mm in diameter. Using the projection lens of 100 mm in diameter, to be available in the 3rd quarter of 2012, the field size will be able to be increased up to 70 x 70 mm. USHIO plans to market the UX7-3Di LFS 300 stepper lithography system mounted with this newly developed 100-mm projection lens in the first quarter in 2013.
Using a combination of USHIO’s proprietary technologies for large-diameter projection lens and the field-proven UX series platform with its installed base of more than 1,100 units, the UX7-3Di stepper series will allow manufacturing of large-size interposers required for 2.5D packaging applications and future 3D packaging solutions as well as a dramatic increase of flexibility for designing such interposers.
In addition, by enabling projection exposure of a further larger field, the UX7-3Di LFS 200/300 will significantly reduce CoO (Cost of Ownership) by 30% compared with the conventional stepper systems currently on the market for wafer-level packaging.
Starting in the 3rd quarter of 2012, USHIO will schedule demonstrations for trial manufacture of large-field interposers with a 70 x 70 mm field size achieved by the new 100-mm projection lens at its clean room in the Gotemba Factory in Shizuoka, Japan.
Product Features

•    Large field size (50 x 50 mm for the UX7-3Di LFS 200, 70 x 70 mm for the UX7-3Di LFS 300)
•    Completely non-contact so as to prevent mask damage
•    High overlay accuracy of < 500 nm
•    Innovative alignment with IR that transmits Si to allow back side alignment required for TSV (Through-Silicon-Via) applications
•    30% reduction of CoO compared with conventional stepper systems for wafer-level packaging

USHIO INC. (President and CEO: Shiro Sugata, TSE: 6925) was established in 1964. The company handles a variety of light sources for a broad range of industrial applications, including high-brightness discharge lamps for cinema projectors and data projectors as well as halogen lamps for general lighting and OA equipment and UV irradiance meters. It also manufactures and markets products incorporating its own light sources, such as optical systems for manufacturing FPDs and other electronic components and devices as well as imaging equipment led by digital cinema projectors; USHIO enjoys a strong market share with many of these products.


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