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Jun 26th, 2012
Van Dyke’s Rice Dryer and GreenVolts commission HCPV system
GreenVolts, Inc., provider of the industry’s first and only complete and fully integrated solar system, announced the commissioning of a 464-kW solar plant at Van Dyke’s Rice Dryer in Pleasant Grove, Calif.
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  • A 464-kW HCPV (High Concentration Photovoltaics) plant has been commissioned in California

Chosen over traditional silicon and thin-film technologies for its higher efficiency, the GreenVolts CPV system was the only technology that could offset all of the operation’s electric costs in the limited land area available, and was more economical overall.

During its early phases of technology development, GreenVolts was awarded a research grant by the California Energy Commission. The grant helped support the advancement of the GreenVolts system, which is now operating in over a dozen solar projects in California. The Energy Commission’s Research Development and Demonstration program supports public interest research and development that helps improve the quality of life in California by bringing environmentally safe, reliable, and affordable energy services and products to the marketplace.


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