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Apr 23rd, 2012
Veeco speeds ion-beam deposition for optical thin films
SPECTOR-HT deposition system said to deliver up to four-fold hike in throughput for high-precision optical coatings.
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SPECTOR-HT: speed and precision.
SPECTOR-HT: speed and precision.

Veeco Instruments has officially launched its new ion-beam deposition system, a tool that promises to lower the cost of producing high-precision coatings for volume optical component manufacturers. The “SPECTOR-HT” system offers much higher throughput than its predecessors, with Veeco saying that it is the industry’s first fully automated tool to achieve “ion-beam quality films at physical vapor deposition (PVD) rates”.

The upgrade to earlier SPECTOR systems sounds impressive: Veeco claims up to a 400% increase in throughput and 300% increase in target utilization. That translates to a deposition rate of 4-7  Å (depending on the material being deposited), while the radial uniformity of deposited material has also been improved, from ± 1% to <± 0.5%. The upgrade comes at a modest price increase compared with the older systems, and stands to benefit those customers who are volume component manufacturers. Typical component applications include any that require a precision thin-film coating, including beam splitters, ultra-low-loss mirrors, chirped laser mirrors and bandpass filters.

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