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Jan 31st, 2014
Vertical integration vs. outsourcing in the wide bandgap sector
Yole Développement announces its participation in the 4th CS International conference 2014 with two presentations. The event will take place on March 18 & 19, 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. The program is now complete.
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To discover the program and register, please click here.

At CS International 2014, Yole Développement will present its latest technology and market analysis dedicated to the Compound semi. sector:
  • Bulk and Free-Standing GaN substrate technologies and industry status in the LED, laser diode and power applications
    Dr Hong Lin, Technology and Market Analyst, Yole Développement
    The native nitride substrate is an ideal option for the epitaxial growth of optoelectronic and electronic III-N devices, since it eliminates the defects due to lattice mismatches and thermal stress etc. The recent rapid growth of commercial GaN based devices has stimulated the bulk GaN market. In this presentation, after an overview of the industrial status with the description of main and emerging players, we will examine the near and long term market application for bulk GaN substrates. In particular, we will discuss about the potential of blue and green laser diode, GaN on GaN LED and power electronic sectors.
  • Vertical integration vs. outsourcing in the wide bandgap sector
    Dr Philippe Roussel, Business Unit Manager, Yole Développement
    Several business models are experienced in the WBG compound semi industry, answering historical, economic or technical criteria. Most of the time the choice is made at epitaxy level: to have it internally or not? In the LED world, we see mostly 2 business models: the fully integrated vs. the packagers only (With no front-end capabilities, therefore, sourcing fully functionalized epiwafers from dedicated vendors). In the RF sector, the split is also made at epiwafer level, however the front-end processes stay in the hands of device makers. The power field seems to mimic the RF sector as well. In this paper we will survey the industry status regarding integration and assess on the pros and cons of each business models.
CS International: two days, six themes, 36 inspiring presentations
For the 2014 edition, the CS International team selected six themes. All of them will provide the most complete coverage of the compound semiconductor industry: Front-ends for mobile devices - Wide bandgap RF devices – LED - Lasers and pics - Power electronics - Integration of CMOS and III-VS.

CS International conference has secured seven keynote talks which will be given by representatives from Ford, Samsung, IBM, International Rectifier, Nujira, One Chip Photonics and the European Space Agency. During two days, delegates will hear about the breakthroughs in device technology; insights into the current status and the evolution of compound semiconductor devices; and details of advances in tools and processes which could help boost fab yields and throughputs.

Moreover, a networking conference dinner will be held on the evening of the 18th March where the compound semiconductor industry will recognise the success and development along the entire value chain of the Compound Semiconductor industry from research to completed device. Further information on the conference and the awards is available on the CS International website at: www.cs-international.net


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