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Apr 16th, 2014
Vincotech’s power modules offer superior efficiency for PV and UPS systems
Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, has unveiled the new flow3xMNPC 1 modules featuring three mixed-voltage NPCs in a single flow 1 housing.
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Developed for 1200 V solar three-phase inverter applications, they enable engineers to design compact, space-saving inverters with excellent efficiency ratings. The flow3xMNPC 1 module performs remarkably well, achieving around 98.7% efficiency in typical 16-kHz solar applications.

Measuring 82 mm by 38 mm and 12 or 17 mm in height, these modules support three phases in one flow 1 housing. They are equipped with 1200 V IGBT4 HS3s (high speed) in the half bridge and 600 V IGBT3s with low saturation voltage and ultra fast Stealth™ diodes in the neutral path.

The new modules are actually dual-module solutions that combine a booster and three-phase inverter, which makes them a superior option for smaller inverters where space is limited and a small footprint is necessary. What's more, rather than using a common emitter that requires seven power supplies, the M74x topology features a common collector configuration, thereby reducing the number of power supplies for the gate driver to five.


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