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Jun 22nd, 2012
WiSpry to exhibit at IMS2012 in Montreal, Canada
WiSpry to demo LTE antenna tuner product line; Dr. Qizheng Gu to present paper entitled, 'direct calculation method for matching network dynamic control'.
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WiSpry, Inc., the leader in high-performance tunable radio frequency (RF) semiconductor products for the wireless industry, announced it will demonstrate the world's first and only RF-MEMS antenna tuner at IMS2012. Located in booth 727, WiSpry will also showcase its product lineup consisting of the WS1033 LTE, the company's third generation of antenna tuners and the first optimized specifically for LTE applications, together with the proven WS2017 and WS2018 antenna tuners.

"WiSpry's participation at IMS2012 reflects a sharp increase in demand for practical and powerful methods to maximize 4G ROI,"
said Jeff Hilbert, president and founder of WiSpry. "Not only do antennas tuners offer the ultimate in speed, adaptability and increased bandwidth, they enable the ultra-slim devices consumers have come to expect."

In production now for a major handset manufacturer, WiSpry's WS2017 Tunable Impedance Match (TIM) circuit extends usable bandwidth for small form-factor antennas and can dynamically compensate for interference from hand and finger placement, even when users physically touch the antenna. The TIM circuit consists of a network of low-loss inductors combined with WiSpry's digitally tunable, low-loss RF-MEMS capacitors, resulting in an impedance-transforming network that can dynamically compensate for VSWR up to 20:1. The setting for the network is controlled via a serial bus and continuously updated in sync with the radio signal.

For LTE and LTE Advanced devices where size is a premium and high download speed and reliable connections are a must, the WS1033 allows engineers to select the optimum circuit configuration for their antenna tuning requirements. The WS1033 also features both a MIPI Alliance RFFE interface and an SPI interface, which makes it plug-and-play compatible with all major smartphone chipsets. Like every WiSpry product, CMOS integrated digitally tunable MEMS capacitors ensure the industry's highest RF performance, lowest energy consumption and outstanding linearity to support LTE and SVLTE applications.

IMS2012 will serve as backdrop for the release of a new WiSpry paper entitled, "Direct Calculation Method for Matching Network Dynamic Control." Written by Qizheng Gu and Arthur S. Morris, WiSpry's director of RF systems architecture and CTO, respectively, the paper presents an analytic algorithm based on an integrated measurement of load impedance for matching network dynamic control. Copies will be available at booth 727.

For more information, please visit www.wispry.com.

About WiSpry
Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., WiSpry is a fabless RF semiconductor company that designs and manufactures RF-CMOS integrated circuits and components for leading manufacturers of mobile phones, laptops and wireless data communications products. Utilizing the Company's core competency in RF micro-electro-mechanical systems (RF-MEMS) technology, WiSpry creates revolutionary wireless 'System on Chip' MEMS-based RF architectures, and has recently begun shipping products to several Tier 1 mobile handset manufacturers. WiSpry tunable RF-MEMS devices enable the development of reconfigurable RF front-ends, allowing system designers to achieve the architectural innovation required to meet the growing challenges of mobile communications networks. For more information, visit www.wispry.com.


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