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Oct 30th, 2013
Yole Développement said it, InvenSense did it …
As Yole Développement had predicted in its reports, the MEMS industry has begun to consolidate its value chain!
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InvenSense recently acquired Analog Devices’ MEMS microphone division, and is expanding its product line. This is a big step for InvenSense. As demonstrated by STMicroelectronics and Bosch Sensortec, proposing a large range of sensors is critical to finding success in the mobile market. This explanation can be found in our recent analysis. This acquisition now gives InvenSense easy access to high-quality MEMS microphone technologies. InvenSense has announced its intention to combine motion and audio sensing, along with algorithms and embedded software, to create the next generation of sensor System-on-Chips. Their strategy will make InvenSense one of the best MEMS industrial candidates in the mobile phone and tablet markets! Another strong benefit is that Apple is using ADI MEMS microphones in some of its products. Therefore, InvenSense can also use this deal as a way to enter the Apple supply chain. This could add some additional synergy, since the MEMS die of ADI's MEMS microphone is manufactured by TSMC, the main InvenSense foundry. To follow the latest evolution trends of the MEMS industry, discover Yole Développement’s prediction in the 2 most important MEMS reports: Status of the MEMS Industry 2013 and MEMS for Cell Phones and Tablets!



 About these reports:

  • Status of the MEMS Industry 2013 - Review the extract of the report here
    - Understanding of the MEMS markets & players strategies
    - MEMS market trends, business and technology evolution
    - ASIC MEMS analysis
    - Financial trends analysis
    - MEMS manufacturing challenges
  • MEMS for Cell Phones and Tablets - Review the extract of the report here
    - Detailed analysis of accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, electronic compass, 6 & 9 axis combos, BAW/SAW filter, microphones
    - 2010-2018 market forecasts by device, including several development models of a new MEMS device in mobile applications
    - Detailed analysis: sensor fusion developments, competitive landscape & market shares of key MEMS companies - strategy of the different companies

For more information about both reports, please contact David Jourdan (jourdan@yole.fr).


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