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Jul 19th, 2013
aPSI3D wins award with new power packaging technology
PRIMES is a Power Electronics innovation platform in Tarbes, SW France, shared by major French companies including Alstom, EADS, Schneider Electric and Safran*.
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©MESR/XR Pictures.
©MESR/XR Pictures.

aPSI3D was created in April 2013 and is the first spin-off company of PRIMES. This start-up won the innovative companies category of the national  OSEO prize presented by French Research Minister, Madame Geneviève FIORASO. 

aPSI3D is leading a technology breakthrough in designing, manufacturing and offering an innovative power die package to the fast growing market of electric mobility, electric power transmission  and renewable energy management. This evolution will be accelerated by the ramp-up of the new silicon carbide and gallium nitride power chips from 2015 onwards, thanks to the outstanding high voltage and high frequency capability of this new packaging.

Designing modules tuned to each specific customer need, aPSI3D brings smaller, lighter, more reliable and cost effective solutions. These offer a significant competitive advantage. Volume manufacturing is forecast by the end of 2014. Some market leaders have already expressed their high interest for sourcing prototypes for validation. The challenge is now to grow fast enough to accompany customers in this growing market.



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