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Mar 28th, 2014
New compact Bobcat-640 SWIR GigE camera from Xenics
The affordable ultra-compact and high resolution Bobcat-640-GigE SWIR camera is optimized for machine vision and high-temperature process control, as well as science and R&D applications.
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The camera comes with an industry-standard GigE Vision interface for easy integration in your own system. You get excellent image quality with on-board image processing and Thermo Electric (TE) stabilization for low dark current and optimized noise performance. We offer full flexibility in terms of Xenics SDK, multiple interfaces, Power over Ethernet and variable integration times.

Bobcat-640 features a GigE Vision or Camera Link interface for easy system integration and fast data transfer. With its form factor of 55 × 55 × 67 mm for the Camera Link version and 55 × 55 × 85 mm for GigE Vision, it operates from −40 to 70 °C. Power over Ethernet is possible for stand-alone operation.
Pixel pitch is 20 μm, with resolution of 640 × 512 pixels. The camera is compatible with a variety of exchangeable standard C-mount lenses as well as with lower-cost lenses, and it features onboard image processing. Image quality is optimized with onboard signal processing with 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion. It is configurable with single or multiple non-uniformity correction (NUC) in Xenics’ proprietary Xeneth software. Auto gain, span control and trigger in/out are also provided onboard.

Spectral response is from 0.9 to 1.7 μm, with an available VisNIR option that extends the wavelength realm to the visible (0.5 μm). The InGaAs detector is built around a proprietary CTIA-based readout integrated circuit operating in high- or low-gain mode.

The user can choose to “integrate while read” or “integrate, then read,” increasing measurement sensitivity by capturing more light and lowering integration times under difficult lighting conditions. With thermoelectrically cooled temperature stabilization, noise levels are 90 e. The frame rates of up to 100 Hz can be increased in windowing mode.



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