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Apr 26th, 2013
The fabless model has proven to be very successful, comments Yole Développement
With more than 75 attendees at Successful Semiconductor Fabless 2013, Yole Développement & Serma Technologies announce the 2014 edition.
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From April 11 - 12 in Paris, Yole Développement and Serma Technologies gathered 75+ attendees together for Successful Semiconductor Fabless 2013 (SSF 2013), an event featuring fruitful discussion, constructive debates and invaluable networking time centered on the fabless model. SSF 2013 included key industrial speakers such as:
Aptasic, Amkor Technology, ASE, CEA-LETI, CSEM, Delta Microelectronics, FEI Europe, GaN Systems, imec, Mikrosens Elektronik, Nanium, Serma Technologies and Yole Développement … Abstracts and bios are available at www.ssf2013.fr/program.html. To receive the presentations, please contact Sandrine Leroy (leroy@yole.fr).

Today, the top 12 fabless semiconductor companies own 80% of the market”, explains Christophe Fitamant, Sales & Marketing Director at Yole Développement. Due to their long-running, growing success, we’ve seen the emergence of fabless companies in other sectors, such as MEMS, Sensors, and Power Electronics. “This shows that fabless companies are essential to semiconductor industry development as they are key technology drivers”, says Pascal MATOSEVIC, Sales & Marketing Director at SERMA Technologies.

In fact, "going fabless" has become a strategic choice. During SSF 2013, powerful discussions set up and many topics have been developed: the diversity of business models in the semiconductor world, the business models evaluation: how we could select the best one - which criteria we should follow – when we should reevaluated them …

Yole Développement and Serma Technologies have decided to build on 2013’s success and are already looking forward to Successful Semiconductor Fabless 2014.
Next year’s edition will take place in Paris, with a focus on MEMS. Today, only a handful of foundries can answer the MEMS fabless model’s latest demands. But what about tomorrow?



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