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May 12th, 2014
A push for improvement and a market evolution in power packaging
Discover the 2014 power electronics market and technology briefing on power packaging agenda.
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How new device technologies will drive power packaging? A push for improvement and a market evolution market briefing will provide market metrics and forecasted trends for power packaging, and evaluate their impact on the power electronics industry.

This event will take place on May 22nd at PCIM Europe 2014 (Nuremberg, May 20-22), at 10:00 AM, Hall 6 / Industry Forum #340 - FREE ADMISSION.

Discover below abstracts of the presentations:

How 3D packaging shifts the paradigm for power products 
Jacques Favre, General Manager, aPSI3D
Electrical and hybrid vehicles are already demanding compacter and higher power inverters. Heat sinking and loop inductances are the key limiting factors to meet expectations. Besides planar incremental improvements that are actually pushing these limits, three dimensional packaging is opening a paradigm shift. Thus aPSI3D‘s bump & double-sided cooling technology offers a step change in performances.

Power module packaging reaches new heights
Claus A. Petersen, Vice President and General Manager, Danfoss Silicon Power
The emergence of new wide bandgap (WBG) technologies with their specific characteristics, certainly bring along challenges in power module packaging, that calls for new solutions compared to Si technology. Danfoss Silicon Power has put value to innovation and together with their new innovative DBB technology along with ShowerPower® direct liquid cooling, power module packaging reaches new heights and will be capable of capturing the future challenges of new WBG devices.

How new device technologies will drive power packaging? A push for improvement and a market evolution
Jérôme Azémar, Technology & Market Analyst, Power Electronics, Yole Developpement
Emergence of new wide bandgap (WBG) technologies such as SiC and GaN will definitely reshape part of the established power electronics industry, especially on the high voltage side (respectively high-end solutions up to 900 V for GaN and solutions >1.7kV for SiC). SiC and GaN offer higher frequency switching, higher power density, higher junction T° and higher voltage capabilities. To now, only a tiny part of the WBG added-value could be captured by using current approaches of packaging solutions. Offers with new enhanced packages strategies can help addressing the demand for improved performance and at midterm, these new power modules could expect targeting a ~$200M market in 2016, even exceeding $1B at longer term (2020+).

FREE ENTRANCE for all PCIM Europe visitors.

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