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Dec 10th, 2012
From sensor fusion to data fusion: Enabling the dream of context aware mobile devices
Webcast on Dec. 11, at 8.00 AM PDT on I-Micronews.com Sponsored by Movea
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Movea and I-Micronews, powered by Yole Développement are glad to announce the webcast “From sensor fusion to data fusion: enabling the dream of context aware mobile devices”. This online event, sponsored by Movea will take place on Dec. 11 at 8.00 AM PDT.
To register, please click here or visit I-Micronews.com website, Upcoming Webcasts section.

As sensors becomes ubiquitous, opportunities increase for developing revenue from the software side. More value from sensors and other types of data will be obtained in the near future, software will thus be an increasing part in the multi-billion dollar MEMS sensor industry,” explains Laurent Robin, Activity Leader Inertial MEMS Devices & Technologies, Yole Développement.

What’s wrong with sensor fusion? Why do we need to expand our view of this fundamental capability and in which direction do we go? This webcast will help you understand the requirements, challenges and ecosystem for enabling context aware mobile devices and applications.

During this live event, Movea proposes you to discover:
•    The motivations to move from sensor fusion to datafusion
•    The breadth of applications offering leveraging datafusion for better user experience
•  The general challenges associated with datafusion: power consumption, sensor agnosticism, testing characterization, accuracy, robustness…

Featured speakers include:
•    Bruno Flament, CTO, Movea
•    Dave Rothenberg, Worldwide Marketing Director, Movea
•    Laurent Robin, Activity Leader Inertial MEMS Devices & Technologies, Yole Développement

The webcast will be moderated by Mike McLaughlin, Business Development, Yole Inc. A Q&A session including speakers and attendees is scheduled to take place following the presentations.
The webcast is a live event. Come and attend the webcast “From sensor fusion to data fusion: enabling the dream of context aware mobile devices” to discover the benefits of Movea’s technology.

To discover the full program, please visit the website I-Micronews.com, Upcoming webcasts section.
For more information, please contact Sandrine Leroy, Media & Communication Manager, Yole Développement (leroy@yole.fr)

About Movea
Movea is the leading provider of data fusion and motion processing firmware, software, and IP for the consumer electronics industry. Thriving on its portfolio of more than 440 patents, Movea's licenses our unique SmartFusion™ technologies to customers in three primary markets: mobile, Interactive TV, and sports. Our platform of data fusion engines, developer tools and data models enable our customers and partners to quickly and easily add interactivity and awareness to their products. As a result, our customers can reduce the risk, cost, and time-to-market for delivering compelling new features that differentiate their products, enhance the consumer experience, and deliver more end-user value.
Movea has a global presence with headquarters in Grenoble, France, a U.S. subsidiary in Silicon Valley, California, as well as technology and manufacturing partners and distributors around the world. The company was recently named a “Cool Vendor for 2012” by leading analyst firm Gartner Inc.
For more information visit www.movea.com or follow us on Twitter at @MoveaDataFusion.
Press Contact for Movea: Jon Diaz, +1 (415) 694-6708 movea@racepointgroup.com

About Micronews Media & Yole Développement
Micronews Media has a global subscriber base of key decision makers seeking relevant and timely news and analysis in disruptive wafer-based manufacturing markets. Micronews Media includes i-Micronews website, Micronews magazine, and four technology magazines: MEMS Trends, 3D Packaging, iLED and Power Dev'.
Yole Développement has over 40 analysts working diligently to uncover the trends and technologies that drive product innovation and market opportunities around the world. Over the course of an average year, these analysts conduct over 2,500 interviews. Combine this with our comprehensive market reports and analysis, and it’s easy to see that we create unique media content not available anywhere else, and certainly not in the traditional media model.
Micronews Media aims to help companies and their leaders understand the technologies driving our markets.Our various media assets reach 42,000+ subscribers and visitors, and we offer unmatched visibility across the industries we serve, via options such as:
• Annual Magazine Sponsorships
• Editorial Webcast Sponsorships   
• Custom Webcasts
• One-Shot Announcements

Contact: Sandrine Leroy (leroy@yole.fr) – Phone: +33 (0) 472 83 01 80


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