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e2v launches the new Onyx 2MP full HD image sensor

e2v, the leading imaging solutions provider, has launched the first member of its Onyx family of low-light CMOS image sensor solutions, which are designed for the most demanding outdoor camera applications where illumination budgets are restricted and industrial machine vision applications where high-speed inspection is required.


Sony commercializes the world's highest sensitivity*1 CMOS image sensor for automotive cameras

Sony Corporation (hereafter "Sony") announces the commercialization of the "IMX224MQV" CMOS image sensor for automotive cameras, which boasts the world's highest sensitivity levels*1 of any image sensor of its kind. This sensor is capable of capturing high-resolution color images even in light conditions as low as 0.005 lux, a level equivalent to that of a moonless night and one that is far below illumination levels under a star-filled night sky. The "IMX224MQV" is set*2 to become Sony's first image sensor for automotive cameras to meet the requirements of the "AEC-Q100"*3 electronic component reliability tests.


China's SMIC prepare to bid on troubled Korean foundry

A preferred bidder for an electronics unit of the financially troubled Dongbu Group may be selected as early as this week, industry sources said Sunday.


IRLYNX and CEA-Leti to streamline new CMOS-based infrared sensing modules dedicated to human-activities characterization

IRLYNX and CEA-Leti today announced they have launched a technology-development partnership for a new CMOS-based infrared technology that will allow a new type of smart and connected detectors in buildings and cities.


GalaxyCore developed TSI technology

GalaxyCore Inc, (“GalaxyCore”, “We” or “our”), largest and most advanced CMOS image sensor IC fabless company in China, announced it successfully developed Through-Silicon-Illumination (“TSI”) technology for image sensor manufacturing on 12-inch wafer based on 90nm (“nanometer”) logic process in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (“TSMC”), and will commence volume production shortly.


Image sensing components to recognize a person’s condition and send to smart phone

OMRON Corporation will release a new series of products called "Human Vision Components – Consumer model" ("HVC-C") in December 2014. This series of products integrates OMRON's proprietary face image sensing technology, "OKAO Vision"(*1), and a camera module into a single, compact unit that can send sensing results to smartphones or tablets over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so that this information can be easily accessed by apps on those devices.



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2nd International Conference Automotive 48 V Power Supply Systems 2014
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