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 RF for Telecommunications & Sensing Reports Bundle

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radio frequency idWireless technologies are becoming more diversified, and so too their applications. How best to understand what's happening?

Wireless communication's abilities are becoming ubiquitous, from mobile applications (mobile phones, tablets, wearables, etc.) to infrastructure (base stations, in-car communications, WiFi, IoT). With the proliferation of standards and specific infrastructure needs, RF devices and modules must be increasingly integrated, mixing different technologies like silicon, SOI, MEMS, and GaN with complex packaging such as embedded die, FO, WLP, and SiP, along with architectural changes. It's the perfect time for Yole Développement to enter these fields!



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In the midst of the RF industry’s transformation, a closer look at power amplifiers
July 21st at 5:00 PM CET / 8:00 AM PDT - Organized by Yole Developpement

Power amplifier (PA) modules are key to any RF system. To address increasing demand for spectral and power efficiency, innovative solutions are being deployed, including GaN and advanced filter technologies. Based on Yole Développement's most recent analyses and System Plus Consulting's latest teardowns, the Yole Group of Companies offers an in-depth assessment of the technology and market trends affecting the RF PA and filter industries. Access the archive here.