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TITLE: Uncooled IR Imaging Market Perspectives

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EM 16 Dr. Eric Mounier has a PhD in microelectronics from the INPG in Grenoble. He previously worked at CEA LETI R&D lab in Grenoble, France in marketing dept. Since 1998 he is a cofounder of Yole Développement, a market research company based in France. At Yole Développement, Dr. Eric Mounier is in charge of market analysis for MEMS & Sensors, visible and IR imagers (CIS, microbolometers), semiconductors, printed electronics and photonics (e.g. Silicon photonics). He has contributed to more than 200 marketing & technological analysis and 100 reports. Eric is also an expert at the OMNT ("Observatoire des Micro & Nanotechnologies") for Optics. .



TITLE: The Status and Challenges of Thermal Imaging in Security Applications


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Dr. Guo Haixun, Product Director of Thermal Imaging, Hikvision



TITLE: New ultra-compact infrared cameras with 500 nm spectral response for metal industry


A new generation of ultra-compact infrared cameras based on latest CMOS detector technology developments is changing the traditional pyrometer based temperature measurement in the metal industry. The use of the 500 nm spectral range offers new application fields. Due to lower dependency on changing emissivities and atmospheric influences these cameras are ideally suited to all applications with molten metals. In addition this spectral range allows a use in all modern laser processing applications through the excellent blocking of radiation above 540 nm. New advanced calibration procedures resulting in wide temperature measurement ranges starting at 900 °C. The CMOS quantum detector allows fast response times of up to 1 kHz for sub-frame regions or linescanning of a pixel area of 764x8. The combination with other advanced features like automatic hot spot detection within the entire field of view makes this new generation of short wavelength IR cameras a real competition to single spot pyrometers widely used in the metal industry.


Optris Torsten Czech IR Forum 2017 Yole CIOETorsten Czech, Head of Product Management, Optris

Mr. Czech was studying electrical engineering and is working since more than 20 years in the infrared technology business. After some years in sales and marketing positions he is now active since more than 10 years as product manager for one of the leading German manufacturers of infrared thermometers and cameras.



TITLE: State of the art of High End Thermal Image Sensors performances in mass production


The significant level of expertise accumulated by ULIS and CEA/LETI enables ULIS to mass produce high end Thermal Image Sensors based on microbolometers with state of the art performances and proven repeatability and stability. Key characteristics of VGA and XGA Products are described to highlight the production performances and stability over years: NETD, operability and high uniformity will be demonstrated. Moreover, performances in high frame rate configuration, up to 100Hz, were measured over a temperature range of - 40°C to +60°C. NETD trade-off with wide thermal dynamic range, achieved thanks to the mastering of the technology coupled with ROIC design, will be detailed. Finally, reliability figures will be given showing the products robustness, paving the way to reliable powerful Thermal Imaging Sensors.


Sebastien Tinnes ULISSébastien TINNES is graduated in material sciences from the Joseph Fourrier University in Grenoble, France. He joined SOFRADIR in 1999 where he worked 3 years as packaging development engineer for large focal planes. In 2002, he participated to the creation of ULIS in the R&D department as packaging development manager. In 2010, he moved to the marketing division. After 3 years managing ULIS high end product line, Sébastien took the position of Product Manager in the Sales & Marketing division. He was in charge of the Product Roadmap and the global product portfolio management. Since January 2017, Sébastien TINNES is ULIS marketing manager.



TITLE: Progress on low cost Thermopile Arrays for high volume applications – eg. office automation, person detection and thermal imaging


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Heimann SensorsJörg Schieferdecker, CEO and co-founder of Heimann Sensor GmbH

Jörg Schieferdecker, CEO and co-founder of Heimann Sensor GmbH, started his infrared career 37 years ago at the Dresden University of Technology. Dr. Schieferdecker has worked for Heimann Sensor, EG&G Heimann and WF Berlin for more than thirty years in the fields of Infrared sensor development and management. His ambition in Heimann Sensor is, to bring every year at least one technology leading product to the world market. He has 2 daughters and 2 grand kids and enjoys in his spare time outdoor activities like mountain marathons, skitours and climbing high mountains. He acts in a voluntary function for the local Alpinistic club.



TITLE: Uncooled Infrared Imaging System for Forest Fire Detection and Monitoring


The contents include brief introduction of forest fire prevention system, development status of forest fire detection and monitoring in China and abroad, the application of uncooled infrared imaging system in forest fire prevention, development trend of forest fire detection and monitoring system, introduction of uncooled infrared imaging system products for forest fire detection and monitoring in JIR.


JIR InfraredSPEAKER: Wang You, Uncooled Infrared Imaging Senior Expert, JIR Infrared

Wang You, doctor, senior engineer and uncooled infrared imaging senior expert of JIR, has been in charge of multi-projects research and development, including multifunctional uncooled infrared observation device, light-weight thermal sight, vehicle driving-assitant system, and uncooled infrared imaging system for forest fire detection and monitoring.



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