5G: advanced packaging technologies bring innovation

5G packaging brings innovative technology and new opportunities for SiP business.

“The RF components in the mobile are packaged at two levels,” asserts Santosh Kumar, Principal Analyst & Director Packaging, Assembly & Substrates, Yole Korea at Yole Développement (Yole).: “The 1st-level packaging of various RF components like filters, switches, and amplifiers at die/wafer level, includes RDL, TSV, and/ or bumping steps. Then the 2nd-level SiP packaging is performed at the SMT level where various components are assembled on SiP substrate along with passives.”

The 5G packaging market was US$0.52 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at 31% CAGR to reach ~US$2.6 billion in 2026. The 5G packaging includes the RF modules with PAD, DRx FEM, etc. and AiP for 5G sub-6 GHz & 5G mmW connectivity.

In this context, the market research and strategy consulting company, Yole and its partner System Plus Consulting investigates disruptive advanced packaging and RF electronics technologies and related markets in depth, to point out the latest innovations and underline 5G business opportunities.

Released today, the 5G Packaging Trends for Smartphones is a new Yole’s report which focuses on both the module and component packaging for 5G Sub-6GHz and 5G mmWave.
This study reveals in detail the 5G packaging market for smartphones and covers various RF front-end modules to support 5G communication, such as: 5G sub-6GHz RFFEM (PAMiD, DRx), 5G mmW AiP, 5G mmW discrete antenna, 5G mmW FEM.

What is the status of the 5G packaging technologies for smartphones? What are the economic and technical challenges? What are the opportunities and the key market drivers? Who are the suppliers to watch, and what innovative technologies are they working on?

Yole presents today its vision of the 5G packaging industry for smartphones.

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Source: http://www.yole.fr/, https://www.systemplus.fr/

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