Adarza BioSystems raises $25 million in Series D funding round

Biotech company Adarza BioSystems said that it has raised $25 million in a Series D financing round.

Adarza said it will use the funds to support the full commercialization of Ziva, its automated multiplexed biological molecule testing platform for academic and clinical research. Ziva, which is scheduled for commercial launch in June, will allow researchers to identify inflammation, cardiovascular, and oncology protein biomarkers for disease profiling and drug development, the company said.

Adarza’s technology includes a benchtop instrument and a portfolio of multiplexed assays that can assess hundreds of protein biomarkers simultaneously from a single biological sample. The company has created arrays of biologically active molecules on silicon chips capable of detecting a wide variety of targets in a single test, including antibodies, nucleic acids, peptides, and whole viruses or bacteria.

The company said St. Louis-based biotech firm Wugen is already using the Ziva platform in its efforts to develop gene-editing technologies to create cell-based treatments for cancer, such as CAR T therapies.

Including the Series D funding, Adarza said it has raised a total of $54 million.


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