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InvenSense ICM-20789: High Performance 6-Axis Motion Sensor and Pressure Sensor Combo

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Motion sensor Invensense, motion and pressure sensor

World’s first ‘7-Axis’ motion tracking device targeting drone application

Having supplied Apple for many years, InvenSense (TDK) is a leader in the inertial measurement unit (IMU) market. It has a large market share, competing with Bosch and others.

This year, with the acquisition of Sensirion’s barometric pressure sensor division, InvenSense has entered a new market area. It has now released of its first ‘7-axis’ motion tracking combo, bringing together a 6-axis IMU and a pressure sensor, moving it into drone applications. 

6 axis sensor and pressure sensor InvenSense ICM20789, 7 Axis Combo Sensor Pressure

The ICM-20789 7-axis combo sensor released by InvenSense features a 6-axis device, incorporating a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer, and a barometric pressure sensor previously developed by Sensirion in the same package.

Compared with the stand-alone sensor hub, this approach eliminates a package and minimizes board area requirements.

6 axis motiona dn pressure sensor InvenSense ICM20789

The pressure sensor’s MEMS capacitive architecture provides the industry’s lowest noise at the lowest power. Combined with the motion-tracking 6-axis inertial sensor in a small footprint, the device is ideal for a wide range of motion tracking applications.

The inertial MEMS sensor is fabricated with a minimal number of masks and is directly assembled on the application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) by eutectic bonding.

Using knowledge obtained by acquiring Sensirion’s pressure sensor division, InvenSense was able to design its own pressure sensor. The device is shipped in a 4 mm x 4 mm x 1.37 mm land grid array (LGA) package.

6 axis sensor motion, pressure, combo sensor InvenSense ICM20789

This report includes a detailed technology and cost analysis of the ICM-20789 7-axis motion tracking device. A comparison with the previous generation of combo sensors from InvenSense is also included in the report.

Table of contents

Overview / Introduction


Company Profile and Supply Chain

Physical Analysis

> Package
- Package views and dimensions, opening and cross-section

> Pressure Sensor Die
- View, dimensions, and marking
- Delayering and process
- Cross-section

> MEMS Die
- View, dimensions and marking
- Cap removed
- Sensing area
- Cross-sections of the sensor, cap, and seal

> ASIC Die
- View, dimensions, and marking
- Delayering and process
- Cross-section


Manufacturing Process Flow

> ASIC front-end process and wafer fabrication unit
> Pressure sensor process flow and wafer fabrication unit
> MEMS process flow and wafer fabrication unit
> Packaging process flow and assembly unit







Cost Analysis 

> Yield hypotheses
> Pressure sensor front-end cost
> Pressure sensor back-end 0: probe test and dicing
> Pressure sensor front-end cost per process steps
> Pressure sensor wafer and die cost
> ASIC front-end cost
> ASIC back-end 0: probe test and dicing
> ASIC wafer and die cost
> MEMS front-end cost
> MEMS back-end 0: probe test and dicing
> MEMS front-end cost per process steps
> MEMS wafer and die cost
> Back-end: packaging cost
> Back-end: packaging cost per process steps
> Back-end: final test cost
> IMU component cost


Estimated Price Analysis 


Comparison with InvenSense IMU MP-67B, Sensor Hub ICM-30360 and iPhone 7 Plus OIS IMU 













About the authors


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  • Detailed photos

  • Precise measurements

  • Material analysis

  • Manufacturing process flow

  • Supply chain evaluation

  • Manufacturing cost analysis

  • Estimated sales price

  • Comparison between InvenSense’s previous custom IMUs in the iPhone 7, in the iPhone 6S and the ICM-30630 device