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NEXT Biometrics Fingerprint Sensor NB-1010-U/NB-2020-U

3 290 €

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NEXT Biometrics presents its innovative fingerprint sensor based on the NEXT Active Thermal™  sensing principle

This reverse costing study provides insight into technological data, manufacturing cost, and selling price of the NEXT Biometrics NB-1010-U and NB-2020-U fingerprint sensor assembly.

The same fingerprint sensor die was found in two different products: a DELL Laptop and the NEXT Biometrics Oyster, an access-control peripheral. Supported by PCB, the fingerprint sensor’s dimensions are 25.2 x 19.0 mm, it is driven by a NEXT Biometrics ASIC, and it is protected by a metal cover. The sensor has a resolution of 46,080 pixels, with a pixel density of 385ppi, and it uses the NEXT Active Thermal™ sensing principle to take an image of the fingerprint.Sensor Die cross section NEXTBiometrics fingerprint system plus consulting

The sensor die is manufactured on glass with LTPS technology and uses a very specific coating to ensure the device’s functionality. The sensor is connected by wire bonding to the rigid PCB. The assembly, including a rigid and a flex PCB to rigidify the structure, is a very particular process designed by NEXT Biometrics.

This report includes comparisons with the latest Huawei, Samsung, and Apple fingerprint buttons.


Sensor Die NEXTBiometrics fingerprint System Plus ConsultingSensor Die NEXTBiometrics fingerprint emailing System Plus Consulting

















Table of contents

Overview / Introduction


Company profile & Supply Chain


Physical Analysis

> Synthesis of the physical analysis
> Oyster fingerprint sensor disassembly
   - Fingerprint sensor removal
   - Fingerprint sensor assembly view
> Dell Latitude fingerprint sensor disassembly
   - Fingerprint sensor removal
   - Fingerprint sensor assembly view
   - Fingerprint sensor cross-section
> Sensor die
   - Sensor die view and dimensions
   - Sensor die capacitors
   - Sensor die edge contacts
   - Sensor delayering and main blocs
   - Sensor die process
   - Sensor die cross-section
> IC control unit
  - Sensor die view and dimensions
  - Sensor delayering and main blocs
  - Sensor die process
  - Sensor die cross-section




























Manufacturing Process Flow

> Sensor Die Front-End Process and fabrication unit
> LGA Packaging Process
> ASICDie Front-End Process and fabrication unit
> Final Test & Packaging and fabrication unit
> Synthesis of the main parts


Cost Analysis

> Synthesis of the cost analysis
> Main steps of the economic analysis
> Yields explanation and hypotheses
> Sensor die
    - Sensor die front-end cost
    - Sensor die probe test, thinning, and dicing
    - Sensor die wafer cost
    - Sensor die cost
> ASIC component
    - ASIC die wafer cost
    - ASIC die cost
    - ASIC component packaging cost
> Complete module fingerprint
    - Assembled components cost
    - Synthesis of the assembly
    - Fingerprint component cost
    - Fingerprint component price


Comparison with Huawei, Apple and Samsung fingerprint sensors



About the authors


Headquartered in Nantes, France, System Plus Consulting is specialized in technology and cost analysis of electronic components and systems. During our 20 years in business, we have built and refined detailed cost models as the primary tools for hundreds of analyses.

The highly qualified System Plus cost engineers combine broad and deep skills in semiconductor and electronics technologies with years of experience in cost modeling. We offer:custom reverse costing analyses, standard reverse costing reports and costing tools within the following fields: integrated circuits, power devices and modules, MEMS & sensors, photonics (LED, Image Sensors), packaging and electronic boards and systems.




















































  • Detailed Photos

  • Precise Measurements

  • Material Analysis

  • Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Supply Chain Evaluation

  • Manufacturing Cost Analysis

  • Estimated Sales Price

  • Comparison with Huawei, Apple and Samsung fingerprint buttons