AI is now spreading in our everyday products

AI features are becoming standard in consumer applications. Yole announces a US$ 5.6 billion market by 2026.

“AI technologies are already in many products that we use every day.” asserts Adrien Sanchez, Technology & Market Analyst, Computing & Software at Yole Développement (Yole). He adds: “They started in our smartphones, through applications such as face recognition or photography setting optimization. They are now spreading into most consumer applications, from smart home cameras with features such as intrusion detection to smart assistant support integrated into earbuds”.

Today imaging and audio are the most widespread AI applications. For several reasons including privacy protection and low latency requirements, AI inference is increasingly computed at the edge of the network, in the actual consumer device. This requires special processor capabilities to run these operations in real time. Share of processors dedicated to run AI is therefore growing.

Yole analyzes today the market and delivers detailed market figures and trends, at both levels, processor and AI unit, including the area of silicon specifically dedicated to accelerating AI operations. The processor market for AI consumer applications should reach more than US$ 59 billion by 2026. At the same time, AI units is showing a US$ 5.5 billion market the same year.

The market research and strategy consulting company, Yole announces today its Computing and AI technologies for mobile and consumer applications 2021 report. With this new technology & market study, analysts deliver a comprehensive understanding of computing trends and dynamics for key mobile and consumer applications. Their aim is to propose a detailed scenario for AI within the dynamics of the consumer market, understand AI’s impact on the semiconductor industry and deliver an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem and players. Yole’s report also points out key technical insight and analysis into future technology trends and challenges.

This report is part of a significant collection of technology & market analyses and monitors. Therefore, Yole investigates MCU and processor markets each quarter and proposes dedicated tools to monitor the evolution of the markets and strategy of key players. Both Processor Quarterly Market Monitor and MCU Quarterly Market Monitor, are published every beginning of March (Q1), June (Q2), September (Q3) and December (Q4)… Aim of these services is to provide an in-depth coverage of rapidly changing market dynamics and main players’ status and strategy.

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