Alpha Motor Unveils The Pure Electric REX

Alpha Motor unveiled the company’s highly anticipated pure electric utility vehicle, REX™ built on a shared platform that powers the WOLF™ Truck Series. The debut follows an exclusive teaser in Issue #6 of Rolling Stone Korea Magazine published on May 6, 2022. The official release also previews the Adventure Series REX™ featuring iconic Los Angeles Fashion Brand, Free & Easy in a special edition ‘Abbot Kinney’ blue paint.

Alpha Motors is the most eye-opening, inspiring, and exciting company I have seen in the automotive industry in years! A clean vision for the future with the styling, functionality, and design I have always craved but have never received…until now. My bet is on Alpha!” said Kevin Circosta, Founder of Free & Easy.

Alpha Motor presented REX™ in the form of Alpha Engineering Data (AED), which the company’s Research and Development uses to efficiently produce automobiles. The company is currently testing REX™ to share the experience of the vehicle in virtual reality.

Alpha is focused on building the electric vehicle future that we want to live in. The collaboration with Free & Easy accentuates the vibrant, creative, and diverse culture of California, which inspires adventure-seeking cars such as the JAX, WOLF, and now the REX. Through these vehicles, we are answering the ultimate question, ‘What electric vehicle do you want to drive?’ Our answer is to drive responsible industrialization of our vision for people to enjoy our cars, also known as, ‘Move Humanity,'” said Alpha Motor.

REX™ is a multifaceted adventure vehicle built for all-terrain drivability, utility, and with an array of customization options while preserving the DNA of Alpha’s utility vehicle line. The base model comes with two full-sized doors which opens to bench configuration seating that accommodates a total of four passengers. The rear canopy is also removable to enable and open car experience. Additional models including a four-door version and adventure series variants are planned.

In continuation of the company’s electric utility vehicle line, REX™ is intended to be equipped with a four-wheel-drive system and independent suspension to manage rugged terrain. The vehicle is powered by an 85-kilowhatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack for an estimated range of 275 miles. The material composition of the vehicle body includes high-strength steel and lightweight thermoplastics.

The REX™ interior features four passenger bench configuration seating with foldable and removable rears seats which opens more room for cargo. Spacious storage compartments are located both underneath the hood and rear hatch of the vehicle which features an estimated 14 cubic feet of storage. The vehicle interior also integrates several advanced features, including a driver-centric digital speedometer, a digital center display, optional haptic interior climate and audio controls, digital sound system, dual 63mm diameter (2.5in) center console integrated cupholders, and AC power plugs amongst other features.

REX™ vehicle dimensions measure approximately 4,828mm (190in) in length, 1990mm (78in) in width, and 1720mm (68in) in height. REX™ was unveiled in a non-metallic ivory finish called ‘Voyage’ and metallic silver paint called ‘Deep Sea.’

At Alpha, new electric vehicles are developed with a passion to fulfill market needs in the most efficient manner. In line with our business plan, we will continuously develop compelling zero-emission automobiles and responsibly industrialize our products. We are rigorously preparing market entry and developing synergies to collectively achieve sustainable mobility,” said Alpha Motor.


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