Announcement of funding and strategic partnership with TAZMO to develop “Gemini”, high performance nanoimprinting

SCIVAX (Kawasaki, Japan; President and CEO: Satoru Tanaka), a company specialized in nanoimprinting, has closed an investment deal with TAZMO (Okayama, Japan; President: Toshio Ikeda), a manufacturer of semiconductor and LC production equipment. SCIVAX has been engaged in providing foundry service in various fields such as biotechnology, mobile, automotive, telecommunications, and displays in collaboration with various clients worldwide.

Both companies are jointly designing, manufacturing, and selling fully automated state-of-the-art nanoimprinting tool, “Gemini”, suitable for mass production. They will be based on SCIVAX proprietary nanoimprinting technology with taking advantage of semiconductor equipment design and production know-how from TAZMO. In addition, industry highest level of alignment precision will be achieved by adopting the most advanced alignment mechanism supported by TAZMO. Aiming to take the sales opportunities for mass production use nanoimprinting tool in the growing market segment (3D sensors, Biomedical, AR/VR, etc.), we have begun designing the tools to start the demonstration in the middle of year 2021.


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