Apple watch tear down reveals European chips | Peter Clarke, EETimes

The Apple Watch, is the trailblazer of a wearables equipment market set to boom by 2020, according to market research organization Yole Developpement. And several leading European chipmakers are set to benefit, according to a tear down of the watch.

The good news for the winners of the design slots – STMicroelectronics and NXP win two chip design slots each and AMS and Dialog Semiconductor one each – is that Yole reckons the wearable electronic equipment market is not just a gimmick and will grow steadily. Yole states that the wearable industry will reach 295 million units in 2020 with a market value of $90 billion.

However, the majority of this market will be consumer applications with healthcare picking up 75 million units of the annual market in 2020 Industrial and military applications will be yet fewer, about 10 million units in 2020, Yole reckons.

This strong consumer growth market needs to be squared away with a survey that indicates about 99 percent of wearable electronics owners stop using them within six months (see Chinese consumers losing interest in wearables?). Nearly 50 percent stop using their wearables within one month, according to the report by Chinese Internet service portal, Tencent.

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