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Batteries/Energy Mgmt

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) announced that it has been awarded a contract to provide its Lithium-ion Fault Tolerant (LiFT) battery system for the Semi-Autonomous Hydrographic Reconnaissance Vehicle (SAHRV), a small, portable underwater vehicle (UUV). GA-EMS is part of a team working with the Department of Defense to design, fabricate, deliver, and conduct at-sea testing of the LiFT battery system for use on the SAHRV platform. The SAHRV UUV is intended for shallow water surveillance to scan, detect and identify mines and other obstacles.

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To meet the high demand for custom battery packs, Epec has recently expanded its New Bedford Massachusetts facility by more than doubling the battery pack assembly space. Construction highlights include a brand new electrostatic discharge (ESD) floor throughout the entire area (old and new) and "green" LED lighting fixtures with a 50-year life expectancy.

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Suzuki, Toshiba and Denso have reached basic agreement on establishing a joint venture company for production of automotive lithium-ion battery packs in India, and signed the agreement.

In India, higher attention is being paid to environment, and new CO2 standards for automobiles is planned to be introduced. In the Indian automotive market where compact cars are the mainstream models, introduction of sustainable technology suitable for such affordable cars is required.

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The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) will collaborate with research entities, universities and companies on materials science research, investing approximately $35 million over the next four years in research that uses artificial intelligence to help accelerate the design and discovery of advanced materials. Initially, the program will aim to help revolutionize materials science and identify new advanced battery materials and fuel cell catalysts that can power future zero-emissions and carbon-neutral vehicles.

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Elcora Advanced Materials is pleased to announce that the Company is building a state-of-the-art Lithium Ion (“Li-ion”) battery research and development laboratory Halifax, Nova Scotia. The lab will focus on quality control and develop Elcora’s graphite anode powder for Li-ion batteries.

Graphite powder will be routinely tested using industry standard cells to ensure the coulombic efficiency, reversible capacity, first-cycle loss and rate capabilities of the product are within Elcora’s specifications. These traceable results will give customers confidence in Elcora’s materials and their reliable performance.

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Asahi Kasei will increase production capacity for Hipore Li-ion battery (LIB) separator at its plant in Moriyama, Shiga, Japan, with start-up scheduled in the first half of fiscal 2019. With increasing demand for hybrid-electronic and all-electric vehicles worldwide, the LIB market is forecasted to grow substantially in automotive applications.

Asahi Kasei is the world’s LIB separator manufacturer, supplying both wet-process and dry-process separators with its Hipore™ and Celgard™ products.

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