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Batteries & Energy Mgmt

Many thermal management technologies have been developed and tested to support new requirements and follow industries evolution. Therefore the market for thermal management solutions is today clearly in expansion, especially in the smartphones sector. Yole Développement and its sister company System Plus Consulting announce a 26% CAGR components market growth between 2016 and 2022. The components involved include packaging, PCB , heat pipe/vapor chamber, thermal sheet, smartphone back cover etc.

Many companies are today deeply involved in the development of innovative thermal management solutions and would like to ensure their business expansion in this field.

“The importance of thermal management in smartphones is due to the growing number of smartphone functionalities and raised customer requirements for processing speed, leading to increased heat dissipation,” explains Dr Milan Rosina, Senior Analyst for Energy Conversion and Emerging Materials at Yole. And he adds: “Additional components needed to ensure new smartphone functions desired by customers, including wireless charging, high-resolution cameras, 3D gaming, security, authentication, and high-speed streaming, also result in denser component integration, making thermal management even more difficult.”

The processor is the most important and hottest component in a smartphone. “To improve low power and high efficiency processors, companies including Apple and Samsung decreased their technology node up to 10 nm,” explains Elena Barbarini, Senior Cost Engineer at System Plus Consulting. “This approach obliged the companies to improve heat dissipation; increasing die thickness and thus introducing innovative packaging solutions”. ... Full article

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