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Automotive Power Module Packaging Comparison 2018

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SP18399 Automotive Power Module Packaging flyercover

A cost-oriented review of power module packaging technologies for the automotive market.

The most recent market forecast by Yole Développement shows the global rise of power devices. The market for power module devices will follow that trend, with a 10.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next five years. This will impact the power module packaging market, which will see a 9.5% CAGR, reaching a value of almost $1.8B.

The progress of electric and hybrid electric vehicles (EV/HEVs) is imposing new standards in terms of electrical equipment, pushing electronic components to work in non-conventional environments for longer. That poses the electronics industry new challenges regarding both performance and reliability. To meet these requirements, electronic systems have to be improved at both design and industrialization levels.

SP18399 Inverter leg embedded system

Iower modules have come a long way since the early stages of car electrification. They are now playing a key role in the power modulation through all EV/HEVs, from inverters to bi-directional converters. Packaging these modules has become critical due to several technical aspects. They must combine good thermal and electrical efficiency while keeping low mass and volume. Also, to remain competitive in an open market, power module makers must deliver high reliability while remaining cost efficient.

In this report we analyzed the physical composition and cost of ten modules for automotive applications from five different manufacturers. We reviewed the different topologies and techniques used for the module packaging in such applications. We describe opening the modules, provide measurements and cross-sections, along with scanning electron microscope (SEM) and optical pictures. We analyze and simulate the cost of manufacturing and compare it to a summary panel.

This report includes comparison of the structures and costs of the different technological choices made by key manufacturers of the automotive industry.


  SP18399 bus bar connection Mitsubishi SP18399 Dual cooling solution technology SP18399 assemblage puce 02 bino x25










Table of contents


> Executive Summary

> Reverse Costing Methodology

> Analyzed Devices

> Power Module Market



Physical and Manufacturing Cost Analysis

> Bosch

- Company profile

- T-PM

> Infineon

- Company profile

- HybridPACK 2 

- HybridPACK drive

- HybridPACK double side cooling

- CoolIR

> Mitsubishi






















































- Company profile

- J serie T-PM

> Semikron

- Company profile

- SKiM

> ST Microelectronics

- Company profile

- Tpak

> Toshiba

- Company profile

- Case module 

> Toyota

- Company profile

- Molded DSC

> Module Comparison

> Cost Breakdown

> Cost by Power

> Cost by Switch


> Cost by Surface and Volume

About the authors


System Plus Consulting specializes in the cost analysis of electronics, from semiconductor devices to electronic systems.

Created more than 20 years ago, System Plus Consulting has developed a complete range of services, costing tools and reports to deliver in-depth production cost studies and estimate the objective selling price of a product.

System Plus Consulting engineers are experts in:

  • Integrated Circuits 
  • Power Devices & Modules 
  • MEMS & Sensors
  • Photonics 
  • LED 
  • Imaging 
  • Display 
  • Packaging 
  • Electronic Boards & Systems.

Through hundreds of analyses performed each year, System Plus Consulting offers deep added-value reports to help its customers understand their production processes and determine production costs. Based on System Plus Consulting’s results, manufacturers are able to compare their production costs to those of competitors.

System Plus Consulting is a sister company of Yole Développement.

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  • Detailed photos

  • Precise measurements

  • Manufacturing process flow

  • Manufacturing cost analysis

  • Selling price estimation

  • Technological and cost comparison