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Crystal IS - OPTAN280K-BL and OPTAN-265N-SMD UVC LEDs for Spectroscopic Application and Chemical Analysis

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Crystal IS optan 280K BL 265 SMD flyer

Deep ultraviolet LEDs with 265nm and 280nm peak emission on AlN single-crystal wafer

This report combines the analysis of two components in order to offer a broad vision of the technologies used by Crystal IS (Asahi Kasei) for these UVC LEDs in terms of applications and power output.

The OPTAN280K-BL and OPTAN-265N-SMD are two UVC LEDs, of 280nm and 265nm respectively, from Crystal IS. Both LED use the same 0.58mm² die. The OPTAN-265N-SMD has a hemispherical lens and the OPTAN280K-BL a ball lens, and both are adapted for fluorescent spectroscopy and chemical/biological analysis.

Crystal IS has developed a single-crystal AlN substrate for manufacturing its pseudomorphic AlGaN LEDs. The technology offers AlN substrates with ultra-low dislocation (defect) density. A physical analysis shows the effect on the epitaxy layer, which is very thin compared to a UVC LED on sapphire substrate from SETi. The buffer layers are also very thin.

Crystal IS optan 280K BL 265 SMD UVC LED system plus consulting 2

Today, the impact of the AlN substrate is not visible in its performance, since the External Quantum Efficiency is lower than the EQE of SETi’s LEDs. However, this is a first-generation product from Crystal IS, whereas SETi’s LED has already been around for four years.

The two packages with their ball/hemispherical lens are expensive, but their applications are promising in analysis and measurement equipment.

This report delivers a deep technology analysis of the packaging and components, with images of the AlGaN epitaxy layer stack and electrode structure. Also included are a production cost analysis and an overall comparison with the latest SETi UVC LED.

 Crystal IS optan 280K BL 265 SMD UVC LED system plus consulting 1                 Crystal IS optan 280K BL 265 SMD UVC LED system plus consulting 3 






Table of contents

Overview / Introduction


Company profile & Supply Chain

> Crystal IS 
> Asahi Kasei 



> OPTAN280K-BL Characteristics
> OPTAN-265N-SMD Characteristics


Physical Analysis

> Package OPTAN280K-BL

   - Physical analysis methodology

   - Package views & dimensions

   - Package opening

   - Package cross-section

   - Package process

> Package OPTAN265N-SMD 

> LED Die

   - LED views & dimensions

   - Epitaxy

   - Cathode

   - Anode

   - LED thickness

   - LED characteristics 





























Manufacturing Process Flow

> Global Overview
> LED Fabrication Unit
> LED Process Flow
> Package Process Flow OPTAN280K-BL
> Package Process Flow OPTAN-265N-SMD


Cost Analysis

> Synthesis of the Cost Analysis
> Main Steps of the Economic Analysis
> Yields Hypotheses
> Epitaxy Step
> LED Epitaxy Cost
> LED Front-End Cost
> LED Wafer Cost
> LED Cost Per Process Steps
> Back-End: Probe and Cleaving Cost
> Packaging Cost OPTAN280K-BL
> Packaging Cost OPTAN-265N-SMD
> Final Assembly Cost
> Component Cost


Price Estimation


Crystal IS vs. SETi UVC LED: Comparison 



About the authors


Headquartered in Nantes, France, System Plus Consulting is specialized in technology and cost analysis of electronic components and systems. During our 20 years in business, we have built and refined detailed cost models as the primary tools for hundreds of analyses.

The highly qualified System Plus cost engineers combine broad and deep skills in semiconductor and electronics technologies with years of experience in cost modeling. We offer:custom reverse costing analyses, standard reverse costing reports and costing tools within the following fields: integrated circuits, power devices and modules, MEMS & sensors, photonics (LED, Image Sensors), packaging and electronic boards and systems.



















































  • Detailed photos

  • Precise measurements

  • Material analysis

  • Manufacturing process flow

  • Supply chain evaluation

  • Manufacturing cost analysis

  • Estimated sales price

  • Comparison with OPTAN280K-BL, OPTAN-265N-SMD, SS35DF227513, and UVTOP270TO39HS