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Industrial 100V MOSFET Technology and Cost Review

6 000 €

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The MOSFET universe is wide and varied: discover all the different technologies used in industrial 100V MOSFETs and their related costs

These two reports present in-depth analyses of the latest innovations in 100V industrial MOSFET devices. They show the differences between 20 selected devices from Infineon, International Rectifier (IR), Fairchild, ON Semiconductor, Toshiba, Vishay and STMicroelectronics. All the major manufacturers on the market and their new technologies are thus covered. 

The technology report details the manufacturing processes and materials used, packaging structures, component designs, die sizes, electrical performance and current densities. The cost report then compares the components’ electrical performance, technical choices and cost structure.

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100V silicon MOSFETs are standard devices commonly used in many applications, such as automotive, industrial, computing and storage, home appliances and audio and imaging. The market for 41-100V discrete MOSFETs represented US$1.3B in 2016 and it is expected to be US$1.8B in 2022.

Yole 100V MOSFET overview systemplus Consulting
The technology report provides a unique opportunity to understand the technology choices, technology roadmaps and evolution. The cost report reveals the manufacturing costs of the major MOSFET manufacturers, to give the bases for optimal choices of components during design and integration.

In the reports, we analyze and compare products from the five main manufacturers. Among them Fairchild and IR have been recently acquired by ON Semiconductor and Infineon, respectively. These acquisitions will push the companies to choose, in the near future, between products in the portfolio, based on cost and performance.

The reports include comparisons of cost, foundries and electrical performances of the devices.


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Price of each report if purchased separately : EUR 3,490. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information


Table of contents



Overview / Introduction

> Executive Summary
> Reserve Engineering Methodology



Company Profile


Physical Analysis

> Summary of the Physical Analysis
- Package analysis
- Package opening
- Package cross-section


- MOSFET die view and dimensions
- MOSFET die process
- MOSFET die cross-section
- MOSFET die process characteristics

> MOSFET Manufacturing Process


Company Services
































Overview / Introduction

> Executive Summary
> Reverse Costing Methodology



Company Profile


MOSFET Manufacturing Process 

> MOSFET Die Front-End Process
> MOSFET Die Fabrication Unit
> Final Test and Packaging Fabrication unit


Cost Analysis 

> Summary of the Cost Analysis
> Yields Explanation and Hypotheses

- MOSFET die front-end cost
- MOSFET die probe test, thinning and dicing
- MOSFET die wafer cost
- MOSFET die cost

 > Complete MOSFET

- Assembled component costs
- Summary of the assembly
- Component cost



Price Analysis

> Estimation of Selling Price



Company Services



About the authors


System Plus Consulting specializes in the cost analysis of electronics, from semiconductor devices to electronic systems. Created more than 20 years ago, System Plus Consulting has developed a complete range of services, costing tools and reports to deliver in-depth production cost studies and estimate the objective selling price of a product. System Plus Consulting engineers are experts in Integrated Circuits - Power Devices & Modules - MEMS & Sensors - Photonics – LED - Imaging – Display - Packaging - Electronic Boards & Systems.

Through hundreds of analyses performed each year, System Plus Consulting offers deep added-value reports to help its customers understand their production processes and determine production costs. Based on System Plus Consulting’s results, manufacturers are able to compare their production costs to those of competitors.

System Plus Consulting is a sister company of Yole Développement.

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Industrial 100V MOSFET Technology Review

  • Detailed photos and identification
  • SEM and EDX analysis of epitaxy layers and transistor structures
  • Manufacturing process flow
  • Technology comparison
  • Device performance comparison

Industrial 100V MOSFET Cost Review

  • Manufacturing process flow
  • In-depth economic analysis
  • Manufacturing cost breakdown
  • Selling price estimation
  • Cost comparison