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Infineon RASIC: RRN7740 & RTN7750 76GHz Radar Dies

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Yole Infineon RRN7740 and RTN7750 SiGE HBT icone

New Receiver & Transmitter components with a SiGe:C HBT technology from Infineon

The new integrated Radar and Camera (RACam) 76GHz automotive radar from Delphi integrates receiver and transmitter components from Infineon. These components use the latest SiGe:C HBT technology.

The two bare dies RF component are developed and manufactured by Infineon. The two chips are integrated in the RF board with specific thermal management. The dies have wire bonding and are directly connected to microstrip line transmission which lead the signal to antenna via a specific way through the PCB. The RF transistors are the newest generation SiGe:C HBT dies from Infineon. The circuits use advanced insulation structure and modern copper metal layers.

The report includes a complete physical analysis of the dies, with details on technical choices regarding the design and the manufacturing process. The SiGe HBT are equally analyzed.

Infineon offer several RASIC with different package (bare die, eWLB). in order to understand the choice made by Delphi, the RF function and design are compared with the Infineon RRN7745P and RTN7735P (eWLB packaging) found in the Bosch MRR1Plus automotive radar.

 Infineon RASIC image 2


























Table of contents

Overview / Introduction


Infineon Company Profile


Physical Analysis

Radar system
> Integration of the die
> System Comparison

> Die View & Dimensions
> Main Blocks Identification
> Die Marking
> Die Process
> Die Comparison
> Die Integration
> Die Cross-Section
















































Cost Analysis

> Component Summary
> Front-End Summary
> Wafer Fabrication Unit
> Back-End: Probe Test, Backgrinding & Dicing
> Back-End: Final Test

Cost Analysis
> Yields Synthesis
> Unprobed Wafer Cost
> Die Cost
> Final Test Cost
> Component Cost


Estimated Price Analysis

Infineon Financial Results
Component Selling Price


About the authors


Headquartered in Nantes, France, System Plus Consulting is specialized in technology and cost analysis of electronic components and systems. During our 20 years in business, we have built and refined detailed cost models as the primary tools for hundreds of analyses.

The highly qualified System Plus cost engineers combine broad and deep skills in semiconductor and electronics technologies with years of experience in cost modeling. We offer:custom reverse costing analyses, standard reverse costing reports and costing tools within the following fields: integrated circuits, power devices and modules, MEMS & sensors, photonics (LED, Image Sensors), packaging and electronic boards and systems.































































  • Detailed Photos

  • Detailed Functions

  • Precise Measurements

  • Material Analysis

  • Manufacturing Process

  • Manufacturing Cost Analysis

  • Selling Price Estimation

  • Comparison with Infineon RRN7745 & RTN7735 eWLB