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Power Discrete Packaging Comparison 2018

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Couv Discrete Packaging Comparison 2018 system plus consulting

A cost-oriented overview of evolutionary trends in power discrete packages, from mW to kW.

The most recent market forecast by Yole Développement shows the global rise of power devices. The market for discrete devices will follow that trend, increasing in value by an estimated $1.5 billion in the next five years.

In recent years the packaging market industry has stabilized around some standard formats and footprints. But the race for optimization is far from over.

Discrete Packaging Comparison 2018 system plus consulting

The electric and hybrid electric vehicle markets are evolving fast, as are other aspects of electrification of transportation. This, and more generally the power electronic market’s growth, has induced competition between component manufacturers. 

In the race to innovation and efficiency, the semiconductor die itself isn’t the only key to success. In fact, when chasing after the optimum configuration for electrical, thermal and mechanical performance, manufacturers also must battle with the mechanical reliability and cost of packaging. More than a simple “shell”, the packaging surrounding the dies can make or break a design.

To satisfy an industry where standardization and ‘return on experience’ are key elements of success, seemingly small but smart tweaks around common packages can turn out to be highly differentiating. 

Through physical analyses, including chemical opening, cross-sections, and various measurements, this report tries to summarize the state of the art of packaging power semiconductors at a discrete level. With a cost-oriented viewpoint, we reveal the hidden details that make the difference between over 20 types of packages, ranging from mW to kW designs. 


   Discrete Packaging Comparison 2018 system plus consulting    Discrete Packaging Comparison 2018 system plus consulting

Table of contents


> Executive Summary

> Reverse Costing Methodology

> Devices Analyzed



> Discrete Market


Physical Analysis 

> 3x1.3mm²
- SOT23

> 3x1.6mm²
- TSOP6 

> 3x3mm²
- SON3x3 
- TSMT8 

> 4.5x2.5mm²
- SOT89
- SOIC-8 

> 5x6mm²
- PowerFLAT 5x6
- PowerFLAT 5x6 double island
- PowerFLAT 5x6 dual side cooling
- SOP advance





> 10x10mm²
- D2PAK7
- PSOFA-008
- TO-220

> 15x20mm²
- TO-247


Manufacturing process flow

Cost Simulation





































About the authors


System Plus Consulting specializes in the cost analysis of electronics, from semiconductor devices to electronic systems.

Created more than 20 years ago, System Plus Consulting has developed a complete range of services, costing tools and reports to deliver in-depth production cost studies and estimate the objective selling price of a product.

System Plus Consulting engineers are experts in:

  • Integrated Circuits 
  • Power Devices & Modules 
  • MEMS & Sensors
  • Photonics 
  • LED 
  • Imaging 
  • Display 
  • Packaging 
  • Electronic Boards & Systems.

Through hundreds of analyses performed each year, System Plus Consulting offers deep added-value reports to help its customers understand their production processes and determine production costs. Based on System Plus Consulting’s results, manufacturers are able to compare their production costs to those of competitors.

System Plus Consulting is a sister company of Yole Développement.

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  • Detailed photos

  • Precise measurements

  • Manufacturing process flow 

  • Manufacturing cost analysis

  • Estimated sales price