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Relative Humidity Sensors Technology and Cost Review

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Humidity Sensors from the main players analyzed and compared!

Humidity sensors are integrated in many different consumer applications; in each of them different specifications are required. Moreover humidity sensors are integrated in environmental sensors for mobile applications; especially in harsh environment devices. An increase of humidity sensors market is forecasted by next years.

In this report, humidity sensors from different suppliers and different generations are compared in term of technology choice, manufacturing process and cost.

Single-chip and multi-chip devices are compared between suppliers and references evolution.

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Size and technology is very different for every player. Nevertheless, the mainly used technology is the capacitive one. Moreover the majority of components are single-chip devices. Some devices, such as Bosch environmental sensor for example, are paving the way for the multichip integration.
The report includes a description of each humidity sensor device and a comprehensive supply chain evaluation. The cost of each device is estimated and compared.

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Table of contents

Overview / Introduction


Humidity Sensors Market

> Humidity sensors Market Share
Humidity Sensors Applications
Humidity Sensors Selling Price (ASP)
Humidity Sensors Supply Chain

Humidity Sensors Technologies

> Humidity sensors Comparison
Humidity sensors Technologies
Humidity sensors Technologies Principle
Absolute Humidity Sensors
Relative Humidity Sensors
    - Resistive
    - Capacitive

Comparison Nexus 6P’s vs Ascend Mate 7’s fingerprint sensor



































Technology & Cost Analysis Humidity Sensors

> Reverse Costing Methodology
Analyzed Humidity Sensors References
Humidity Sensors Cost Structure
Humidity Sensors Categories
Single-Chip Humidity Sensors

    - Single-Chip Humidity Sensors Comparison
    - Single-Chip Humidity Sensors Cost Structure
    - Sensirion SHT21, SHTC1, SHT31 Technology & Cost Analysis
    - SiLabs Si7021, Si7034 Technology & Cost Analysis
    - MEAS HMC5883 Technology & Cost Analysis
    - TI HDC100 Technology & Cost Analysis

Multi-Chip Humidity Sensors
    - Multi-Chip Humidity Sensors Comparison
    - Multi-Chip Humidity Sensors Cost Structure
    - STMicroelectronics HTS221 Technology & Cost Analysis
    - Alps HSCAA006A Technology & Cost Analysis
    - Bosch BME280 Technology & Cost Analysis
    - TI HDC100 Technology & Cost Analysis

Humidity Sensors Synthesis
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About the authors


Headquartered in Nantes, France, System Plus Consulting is specialized in technology and cost analysis of electronic components and systems. During our 20 years in business, we have built and refined detailed cost models as the primary tools for hundreds of analyses.

The highly qualified System Plus cost engineers combine broad and deep skills in semiconductor and electronics technologies with years of experience in cost modeling. We offer:custom reverse costing analyses, standard reverse costing reports and costing tools within the following fields: integrated circuits, power devices and modules, MEMS & sensors, photonics (LED, Image Sensors), packaging and electronic boards and systems.






















































  • Humidity Sensors Market

  • Supply Chain Evaluation

  • Humidity Sensors Technologies

  • Physical Analysis of 10 Leading Devices with Detailed Photos

  • Complete Comparison of devices

  • Manufacturing Cost Analysis