Cellular IoT: towards a ramp-up?

Cellular IoT gets full benefit of 5G and will reach 900 million units a year in 2026.

“Wireless connectivity of things has stopped being an abstract concept”. asserts Claire Troadec, Division Director, Power & Wireless at Yole Développement (Yole). “Today, everyone has their personal experience with connectivity or at least has heard about it. It could be through Bluetooth earphones, a fitness band or the connection of their electric meter to their home Wi-Fi. These applications, often using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, are referred to as Personal Area Networks or Home Automation”.

This market, which is based on short-distance, non-critical operations, already exists. Nevertheless, the generalization of the IoT, connected devices in all aspects of our society and industries, has not fully happened yet. So, what’s next?

There has been a lot of movement in the IoT field with the arrival of 5G. With the development of network slicing, a technology mainly intended for IoT. Moreover, regulators are opening frequencies for private networks that private companies would directly license. Furthermore, new 5G connectivity industrial modules are emerging. 

“In general, the value chain is starting to mature and now offers convenient solutions for IoT developments using cellular connectivity; It is expected to solve most of the previously seen IoT adoption and development problems”. emphasizes Mohammed Tmimi, PhD, Technology and Market Analyst, RF Devices & Technologies at Yole. He adds: “It also means that the volumes for 5G IoT and cellular IoT, in general, will start their ramp-up quite soon. However, they will not reach the unrealistic advertised volumes.”

Indeed, cellular IoT will persist as a combination of niche applications without the awaited expansion into personal area networks, i.e., wearables and consumer electronics, announces Yole, in its new RF electronics report, 5G mMTC and IoT platforms – Technology and Market Trends 2021.

Therefore, the market research and strategy consulting company, Yole announces today the release of its 5G mMTC & IoT platforms technology and market analysis.
Because of the dynamic of this industry, Yole’s analysts have decided to investigate cellular IoT solutions and their impact on the 5G implementation. This new report is a comprehensive description of the general market dynamics. With market forecasts at the wafer, components and system levels and related market trends, this study offers realistic prospects regarding the market potential at the RF front-end level. Yole delivers an in-depth analysis of the existing and emerging applications with a special focus on 4G/5G public and private frequencies… In addition a significant section is dedicated to the analysis of the competitive landscape, the supply chain, the market shares…

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