China is about to redefine EVs

Nio Battery Swapping Station (Image: Nio)

An article written by Junko Yoshida for OJO & YOSHIDA REPORT, in collaboration with Yu Yang from Yole Développement (Yole) –  Technology advancements are redefining how people use EVs and how EVs must be designed, and China is leading the charge.

What’s at stake?

China played the long game to develop its domestic EV market and build a national automotive industry in the process. China has already locked up the supply chain for current-generation EV batteries and is changing EV usage patterns and consumer applications on its home turf. How will China’s EV accomplishments affect the still-developing EV market beyond its borders?

Chinese EV players “work with the spirit of Internet companies”

The switch from internal combustions to EVs drastically simplified the vehicle powertrain. In parallel, AV platforms designed by Nvidia, Mobileye or Qualcomm presented a future of simplified vehicle design that would pose fewer complications for Chinese automakers in bringing self-driving cars to market.

Digitization has accelerated the pace of innovation, halving the EV/AV design cycle. “Local players in China are much faster in taking actions and making advancements,” Yu Yang, senior technology and market analyst for power electronics at Yole Développement, told Ojo-Yoshida Report. “They work [not as typical automakers but] with the spirit of Internet companies.

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