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 Automotive Electronics Reports Bundle

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Automotive_autonomous_vehicle_yole_devCars are becoming consumer electronic devices: learn what this means for semiconductor technology

The automotive industry is facing 2 extremely important changes: the electrification of transportation and cars becoming new consumer electronic objects with the emergence of autonomous cars. This means a change in the value and supply chains, significant evolution of the electronic power content of cars, an increase in sensor needs (in terms of numbers, specifications and diversity) and an increase in the data processing required in each car.



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How car electrification, autonomous driving, and new lighting technologies are transforming the automotive industry?
June 28th at 5:00 PM CET / 8:00 AM PDT - Organized by Yole Developpement

More than Moore technologies and devices (sensors, power modules, LED, and laser), all key enablers for car electrification, are spurring the trend towards more autonomous driving - but how will these changes happen and how will they impact the supply chain, the share of value amongst players, and semiconductor industry growth?
Based on Yole Développement's most recent analyses and System Plus Consulting's latest teardowns, the Yole Group of Companies proposes an in-depth review of the strategy, business, and technology trends that affect the automotive industry, with a focus on sensor devices, power modules, batteries, and lighting devices. Access the archive here.