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NCAP Yole Symposium 2016


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Founded in 1998, Yole Développement, the "More than Moore" market research & strategy consulting company has grown to become a group of companies providing marketing, technology and strategy consulting, media in addition to corporate finance services.

Yole Développement group provides market research, technology analysis, strategy consulting, targeted media, and financial advisory services. We have a global vision and customer base...

The “More than Moore” company Yole and its partners System Plus Consulting, Blumorpho and KnowMade support industrial companies, investors and R&D organizations worldwide to help them understand markets and follow technology trends to develop their business...

Our fields of expertise: MEMS & Sensors -   Imaging - Medical Technologies - Compound Semiconductors - LED - Photonics - Power Electronics - Batteries & Energy Management - Advanced Packaging - Semiconductor Manufacturing.


NCAP China

The National Center for Advanced Packaging Co., Ltd. (NCAP China), registered in Wuxi, China in 2012, is a joint venture established by nine investors, including the leaders of the IC packaging and testing industry in China (Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology, Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics, Huatian Technology, Shennan Circuit Company, China Wafer Level CSP, AKM Electronic Technology (Suzhou), Jiangsu CAS Internet-of-things Technology Venture Capital, and Shenzhen Fastprint Circuit Tech), and the Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

NCAP’s goal is to establish a world class R&D center for advanced packaging and system integration, play a leading role in the development and commercialization of advanced technologies for microelectronics packaging and system integration, and promote and sustain the technological and commercial advancement of the microelectronics industry in China.

As a national center for advanced packaging, testing and system integration, NCAP, in collaboration with system OEM’s and supply chain partners, aggressively pursues research and development in order to offer total solutions for the IC industry. NCAP’s current research directions include: 2.5D/3D technology (including TSV), high density wafer level packaging, SiP product development capabilities, and certain advanced materials and equipment technologies for microelectronics packaging.

The NCAP team consists of leaders with many years of experience in technical and management positions in internationally renowned enterprises and institutions, as well as local talents with advanced degrees and rich experience in academic research and industry R&D.

The NCAP R&D platform includes 3200㎡ cleanroom, equipped with facilities, for 300mm wafer size, for 2.5D/3D IC backend processes, and packaging assembly, testing and reliability, as well as design and simulation capabilities.

The work of NCAP will be guided by the needs of the market to serve and promote the IC industry in China. In the next few years, NCAP will focus on building a world class platform for R&D, commercialization, international technical exchange, and mentoring and training of talents for the IC industry and the supply chain. Through this platform, NCAP will develop advanced technologies and commercialize such technologies through the transfer of total solutions to the industry.

Corporate values: Collaboration, Innovation, Perseverance, and Excellence.


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Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) was founded by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2000 with the mission of enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness in technology-based industries through applied research.

ASTRI’s core R&D competences in various areas are organized under seven Technology Divisions, namely Communications Technologies, Electronics Components, IC Design (Analog), IC Design (Digital), Opto-electronics, Security and Data Sciences, and Software and Systems. Four areas of applications including financial technologies, intelligent manufacturing, next generation networks, and medical and health are identified for major pursuit.





3D InCites is an online media resource founded in 2009 to stir up interest in 3D integration and heterogenous technologies. 3D is about much more than just TSVs and subsequent stacking technologies. As it becomes implemented in production, It has become part of the whole advanced packaging conversation. Additionally, the focus of 3D InCites has expanded beyond process technologies into the application space enabled by 3D integration technologies.

As a community, 3D InCites brings to life the people, the personalities, and the minds behind 3D integration and related technologies in a uniquely personal way. The goal is to inform key decision makers about progress in technology development, design,  standards, infrastructure, and implementation. 3D InCites has grown to a registered membership of over 1300 with many additional visitors who stop by just to keep up with what’s happening in the world of 3D and follow along.



SITRI is a new kind of international innovation center, focused on globally accelerating the innovation and commercialization of “More than Moore” (MtM) technologies to power the Internet of Things (IoT).
We offer the resources, support and services for the whole product life cycle of innovation – from commercialization of new technologies, to engineering complete products and systems, to engaging with the supply chain, customers and partners internationally. With SITRI and SITRI’s global innovation network, you get access to the industry’s best resources and an efficient and effective path to success.
SITRI has expertise drawn from across the industry in key technology areas, resources, and industry related services with a global network of SITRI offices and talent. This is augmented by SITRI’s extensive partnerships and industry associations across the university, research, supply chain, and OEM sectors, and acts as the hub for efficient global development of the IoT and MtM markets.





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