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 3D TSV Integration Reports Bundle

Increased return on investment with minimal spend


3D TSV moved first to MEMS, then to image sensor, and now high-end memory. What's next?

3DTSV started now almost 10 years ago with the adoption of the TSV technology for MEMS and CMOS Image sensors. Now, we see clearly the wide adoption of this technology for high end memory driven by the need to increase performance and increase bandwidth. High end market, such as graphic, networking, servers, will continue to push and increase adoption of the TSV growth. Other applications, such as RF modules with Avago leading the technology, will be driving the growth. Industry has finally fix the supply chain ecosystem for such devices. Therefore TSV is now on its way to be adopted by the industry as a credible technical and industrial alternative for advanced interconnections.


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Discover below the complete list of reports you can mix and match within your bundle:


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Patent Analysis


  • TSV Stacked Memory Patent Landscape Analysis
    An emerging market with leading industrials and first patent litigations; Who owns what? - More
  • Patent Licensing Companies in the Semiconductor Market -Patent Litigation Risk and Potential Targets
    The semiconductor industry has all the attributes that appeal to patent licensing companies (PLCs): Are you in their sights? - More


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