Create a Bundle

Bundle process and benefits

With our bundle offer, you choose the number of reports you are interested in. You then have up to 12 months to select the required reports from the Yole Développement, System Plus Consulting and KnowMade offering. The report can be used by unlimited users within the company*.

  • At least 36% discount on the bundle

  • Up to 12 months to select your reports

  • Pay once and receive the reports automatically

*In the country of the primary user. Subsidiaries are included and Joint-Ventures are excluded.

Choose your bundle type

  • Bundle Reports Yole Group of Companies

Choose the size of your bundle

  • 3 reports

    36% discount

  • 5 reports

    47% discount

  • 9 reports

    54% discount

  • 12 reports

    56% discount

For a different number of reports, please contact us.



Once purchased, how do i use my bundle?

  • Make report(s) selections on by adding it/them in your cart
  • Within the cart page, assign report selections to the bundle desired in 'Payment method' list
  • Finalize your order and track your bundle credit in your personal space

Your bundle is available for 1 year starting from the purchase validation date.