Developed 12.3 inch transparent LCD display

-Exhibition at FINTECH Japan 2019-

Japan Display (JDI) announced that it has developed a 12.3 inch transparent LCD display.

This developed product will be exhibited at the 29th LCD, organic EL and sensor technology “FINTECH JAPAN 2019” exhibition, held in Makuhari Messe between December 4th (Wed.) and the 6th (Fri.).

In 2017, following the announcement of the development of a 4 inch display, utilizing the technology for eliminating color filters and polarizers, which had been required in the LCD displays up to that time, JDI has worked on making them bigger and improving the display quality. This developed product has realized a transmittance rate of 87% (when not displaying), which is world class (per JDI’s research), as a direct view type color display. When the display is not displaying, it fits into the set up background, and when displaying, along with displaying information, it is now possible to view actual items through the display. We would like to propose ways of using a new futuristic display, which has never been seen before, with products using this technology.

Furthermore, the product using this technology is scheduled to go into mass production in FY 2020.

Outline of specs of developed product

Outline of “FINTECH JAPAN 2019

Dates: December 4th (Wed.) – 6th (Fri.)
Location: Makuhari Messe Chiba, Mihama, Nakase 2-1
Web site: window
JDI booth: Hall 8 ‘Display Sensor Zone’ 46-1


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