DiDi upgrades its autonomous driving unit into an independent company

The world’s mobile transportation platform Didi Chuxing (“DiDi”) announced that it has upgraded its autonomous driving unit into an independent company to focus on R&D, product application, and business development related to autonomous driving technologies. DiDi’s CTO, ZHANG Bo, will head the new autonomous driving company as its CEO. MENG Xing, former Executive Director at Shunwei China Internet Fund, will become COO of the company. JIA Zhaoyin and ZHENG Jianqiang an autonomous driving R&D team in the United States and China, respectively. All three will report to ZHANG Bo.

The new autonomous driving company will integrate the resources and technological advantages of DiDi’s platform, continue to increase investment in R&D of core innovative technologies, and deepen collaboration with upstream and downstream auto industry partners. The company will actively explore the promotion of self-driving technologies with transportation authorities and broader society in order to create a more efficient and safer mobility environment for all.

CTO of DiDi and CEO of the new autonomous driving company, ZHANG Bo commented: “The new company looks forward to further strategic collaborations with auto makers and industry partners to promote the application of self-driving technologies in people’s lives.” DiDi will apply its experience and understanding of safe operations in the ride-hailing sector to autonomous driving operations. Meanwhile, the company will work with the transportation authorities and all related parties to explore the safety standards for autonomous driving operations.

CHENG Wei, Chairman and CEO of DiDi, said: “Autonomous driving will greatly enhance the safety and efficiency of travel, and help cities to be smarter and more sustainable. Technology serves people; in the future, people’s transportation needs in different scenarios will be met by the combination of seamless autonomous driving technology and human driving services that are indispensable for their quality and warmth. Technology will be fully integrated with the ultimate goal of service.”

Since DiDi’s autonomous driving team was established in 2016, it has grown to a comprehensive R&D team covering areas including HD mapping, perception, behavior prediction, planning and control, infrastructure and simulation, labeling, problem diagnosis, vehicle modifications, connected car, and security, among others. The team is developing and testing autonomous driving vehicles in China and the United States, with over 200 staff in total.

Source: https://www.didiglobal.com

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