E Ink launches the world’s first on-cell touch ePaper module

“E Ink”, the innovator of electronic ink technology, announced the launch of the world’s first On-Cell Touch ePaper module. This new On-Cell touch ePaper module supports both the E Ink Kaleido™ Plus Print Color technology platform and the E Ink Carta™ black and white ePaper technology platform.

E Ink is committed to the ongoing research and development on ePaper materials and ePaper display modules. Most eReader and eNote device manufacturers laminate a touch sensor on top of ePaper displays. With the integration of touch into the ePaper module, the optical performance of ePaper displays increase while driving lower a BOM (bill of materials). The new On-Cell Touch ePaper module will become a standard module product for use in eReaders and eNotes, giving customers product options with a more price competitive edge,” said Dr. FY Gan, President of E Ink.

In terms of optical performance, black and white ePaper display modules with E Ink’s On-Cell Touch see a 30% increase in the contrast ratio of black and white content, providing readers with clearer text content. When used with E Ink Kaleido™ Plus, the color contrast ratio and color saturation increase by 40% and 15% respectively, providing an enhanced display for color eBook and eTextbook content.

With this new technology, readers who love black and white eReaders or color eReaders can enjoy crisper text and images, along with a comfortable and easy-on-the-eyes reading experience. With the optimized module stack design, ePaper modules using this On-Cell Touch technology can be more price competitive, and the technology is applicable to both flexible and glass TFT-backplane ePaper modules.

Source: https://www.displaydaily.com/

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