EV/HEV is driving power electronics innovations

The EV/HEV race has begun”, affirms Milan Rosina, PhD Principal Analyst, Power & Wireless and Batteries at Yole Développement (Yole). “The Transition period towards full vehicle electrification is entering into its next phase, with important vehicle electrification strategic plans announced by conventional automotive players and focus on stronger vehicle electrification”.

And Hong Lin, PhD Principal Analyst, Compound Semiconductor at Yole adds:“Indeed market figures look promising. In 2018, 1.32 million BEV were purchased, along with 0.75 million PHEV – compared to 0.78 million units and 0.41 million units in 2017, respectively. This equates to year-over-year growth of 68% and 84%, respectively. Moreover, sales of other hybrid cars have also increased”.

Under this dynamic ecosystem, the power electronics sector is pushing to adapt and propose innovative products. Objectives are clearly to answer to the specific needs coming from EV/HEV makers and make sure, for the power electronics companies, to be part of this attractive growth. They are so working on the miniaturization of the components, circuits and system design and are developing new solutions to integrate several systems in one system (e-axle, integration of DC-DC converter with a battery, etc.). Yole’s power electronic analysts release the Power Electronics for Electric & Hybrid Electric Vehicles report.This technology & market analysis marks another step forward in the understanding of the EV/HEV adoption and its impact on the power electronics industry. Analysts are daily developing an impressive expertise dedicated to these sectors. By combining market and technical knowledge with numerous interactions with car makers and technology developers, Yole proposes today a detailed vision of the EV/HEV industry evolution. This report explores EV/HEV market dynamics and explains how different power electronics market segments evolve… Full story

Source: http://www.yole.fr/

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