EV/HEV and WBG technologies, the market drivers of the power module packaging innovations

Technical innovations in power module packaging are mainly driven by the challenging system requirements of the booming EV/HEV industry and the entrance of WBG materials… Under a continuous process of innovations, the power module packaging industry is in a good shape. This market is showing a 8.2% CAGR during the period 2017-2023, reaching a global sector of almost US$ 2 billion at the end of the period. With two major technical trends, over-molded double-side cooled modules for hybrid cars and single-side cooled modules with pin-fin baseplates for full electric cars, this industry is dominated by IGBT power modules…

The companies Yole Développement (Yole) and System Plus consulting, both part of Yole Group of Companies propose today, two dedicated analyses to get a better understanding of the market evolution and technical issues of the power module packaging industry: Power Module Packaging Report, 2018 edition and Automotive Power Module Packaging Comparison 2018 report.
Once again, both partners combine their expertise to provide a deep added-value study. Taking into account the whole value chain, the market issues and technical expectations, analysts propose you today a valuable vision of the tomorrow’s industry… Full article

Image: courtesy of Infineon Technology – Source: Hybrid Pack Drive packaging opening, Automotive Power Module Packaging Comparison Report, System Plus Consulting, 2018

Source: www.yole.fr




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