3D Sensing for Consumer Forum 2022

Yole Events

Shenzhen, China

From smartphones into the Metaverse: 3D sensing is shaping the future of reality.

The 5th Yole Développement and CIOE forum on 3D Sensing for Consumer!

When the iPhone X first introduced 3D sensing technology, it highlighted that 3D sensing could use people’s faces to digitally identify them uniquely and to create an avatar emoji. This idea is now driving interaction in the Metaverse’s 3D virtual world.

3D sensing cameras can also map the real world and digitize reality in depth. We also expect that to blend seamlessly into the virtual world of the Metaverse, creating an immersive experience.

With 3D sensing, we can control smartphones and tablets with simple gestures and body movements. This is like the Metaverse’s interoperability idea. Now it is changing how we interact with this technology every day, it is bound to shape the future of reality.

3D sensing is a fundamental technology, and it is still in its infancy. Apple has brought 3D sensing into mobile applications. Other mobile brands have followed, seeing 3D sensing as a technology with huge potential, and the market is booming.

With the Metaverse arriving, 3D sensing is gradually showing its strength.

Key reasons to be here!

  • A half-day dedicated to 3D Sensing for Consumers
  • 6 high level presentations
  • Unique access to leading players and experts
  • Networking time onsite and an online platform to discuss with your peers

Don’t miss this opportunity to exchange with key players !


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