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Despite a 2018 year when both automotive and consumer markets have stagnated, the MEMS market did not recess compared to 2017. Its market value reached $11.6B in 2018, with consumer applications accounting for more than 60% of the total market. The MEMS market will experience +8.3% annual growth in value driven by pressure (for TPMS), RF (for V2X 5G communications), inertial (for ADAS) and future MEMS (such as pMUT for ultrasonic fingerprint).

Additionally, sensor fusion is becoming more and more relevant since many billion MEMS sensors are made per year. The upcoming 5G revolution will make connectivity easier than ever, creating exponentially more data. This leads to “Big data”, an industry born of recent advancements in AI and machine learning, built upon and fueled by a wealth of new data from ever-expanding sensor applications. An upcoming trend is edge computing, with sensors and MEMS driving a new age of technology. Sensors are digitizing the human experience, and as the real and virtual worlds move closer together, it will be sensors that bind them, enabling new experiences for users everywhere. Running AI at the edge, coupled with sensor fusion, will open new applications for MEMS in audio, motion, olfactometry, and imaging.


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