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Before cars can be connected, engineers must first connect. The most influential vehicle perception event, invites 800 of the world’s leading minds in ADAS and autonomous vehicles to meet again throughout 2018. The AutoSens experience is replicated on both sides of the Atlantic, with events at at AutoWorld in Brussels, Belgium, and the Michigan Science Center in Detroit, Michigan USA. Two exclusive, unique venues providing the perfect backdrop for the continuation of technical discussion concerning the future of vehicle perception technology.

AutoSens returns once again to the spectacular AutoWorld Museum in Brussels, Belgium this Autumn from 17-20 September



Ask for a meeting and meet Yole Developpement’s team on site.

Feel free to attend the presentation:

Photo CedricMalaquin YOLE 2018– “The automotive radar market” on September 19

Cedric Malaquin, Technology & Market Analyst, specializing in RF devices & technologies at Yole Développement.

 Abstract: With the recent strong focus on safety, the market potential for ADAS has been extended to mid-end cars resulting in a production volume increase. Coupled to the fact that radars are well considered and employed by many brands: in 71% of cases for AEB. The automotive radar market consequently benefits from a 23% CAGR from 2016 to 2022. AEB application is the main driver for the 77 GHz long range radar market growth. Another trend with the advent of autonomous driving is the use of corner radar for the car 360° surveillance. These short and mid-range radar are supported by 24 GHz and more recently by 79 GHz module. The latest one being more suited for high resolution tracking which will be desirable for tasks such as target separation or even object recognition. Corner radars will be a must have for redundancy with other sensors such as camera or even Lidar for high-end robotic cars. In this presentation we will depict the radar market trend as well as the main technology evolution which can be expected for the next decade. More here






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